Iraq News Links 22-23 June 2014

23 June 2014 17:39:06 —

Kerry in Iraq amid Sunni rebel gains (BBC)

Democracy and the debacle in Iraq (The Greanville Post)

VIDEO: Iraqi army ‘finds Isis weapons haul’ (BBC)

US Secretary of State Kerry visits Baghdad amid deteriorating situation in Iraq (SCF)

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Rouhani’s one year in office (RT)

Ukraine: President’s peace plan, Iraq: how to prevent Baghdad’s fall, and Abdullah Abdullah (Voice of Russia)

Where next in the struggle for Iraq? (BBC)

The Dick Cheney Problem (The Greanville Post)

Reflections on Fascism (The Greanville Post)

55th VR Live Debate “Iran and the West: Is alliance possible?” (Voice of Russia)

Shiite-majority Iraq town Tal Afar, airport seized by Sunni militants (Voice of Russia)

Israel’s Netanyahu warns Obama on working with Iran in Iraq (RT)

Developments in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq denote ‘total failure of Western policies’ – political analyst (Voice of Russia)

Neo-cons, hawks fail to gain Iraq traction (Asia Times)

A doomed US-Iran dynamic (Asia Times)

‘Allah chose you’: ISIS & other jihadist groups recruit children in Syria for suicide missions (RT)

Former Iran’s President Khamenei accuses US in using Iraqconflict to destabilize country (Voice of Russia)

23 detainees killed in Iraq militant attack (Voice of Russia)

Britain can’t monitor all Syria fighters – ex-security chief (Voice of Russia)

US Secretary of State Kerry visits Baghdad amid deteriorating situation in Iraq (ITAR-TASS)

Kerry arrives in Baghdad on mission to shore up Iraq (Voice of Russia)

June 20-21: Will Obama send troops to Iraq? no trust for Poroshenko’s peace plan (Voice of Russia)

Jihadism and the Petroleum Industry, by Thierry Meyssan (Voltaire Net)

US workers speak on gas prices related to renewed conflict in Iraq (WSWS)

Democracy and the debacle in Iraq (WSWS)

Detroit workers oppose return of US forces to Iraq (WSWS)

EU Foreign Ministers’ meeting: conflicts in Iraq and Ukraine to be main themes (Voice of Russia)

21 people killed in two Iraq towns (SCF)

Activists’ Quick Opposition to War In Iraq Can Stop the Next War (Dissident Voice)

22 June 2014

‘US will accept any Egyptian authority that controls the territory’ (RT)

John Kerry meets with Jordanian official as Islamists reach Jordanian-Iraqi border (Voice of Russia)

The Reverse Brzezinski: The Ultimate Eurasian Dilemma (II) (Oriental Review)

The Reverse Brzezinski: The Ultimate Eurasian Dilemma (I) (Oriental Review)

Kerry: US ‘not responsible’ for crisis in Iraq, Libya (RT)

Janes: ISIS Killing “Indistructable” M1A Abrams Tanks (Veterans Today)

Unmasking Tony Blair’s ‘Interfaith’ Crusade: Using Religious Extremism to Impose a New World Order (Global Research)

Terror In Iraq: Roots And Motivation (Global Research)

SYOPs, “Media Warfare” and the “Weaponization of Information” in Iraq (Global Research)

Border post on Iraqi-Syrian border overrun by gunmen (Voice of Russia)

Iraq: The U.S. Has No Role In This (Moon of Alabama)

The Bush Grapes of Wrath (Dissident Voice)

Britain threatened by UK jihadist fighters in Syria ‘for many years to come’ – top police officer (RT)

Iraq forces withdraw from western towns as Sunni militants continue offensive (Voice of Russia)

Iran’s Rouhani warns oil rich countries of becoming ISIL’s next targets (Voice of Russia)

ISIS militants seize 4 Iraqi towns in just 2 days

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