Iraq News LInks 30 June – 1 July 2014

1 July 2014  15:31:21 —

Iraq to receive 5-10 Russian Su-25 fighter-bombers by September (SCF)

‘Independent Kurdistan can hasten spread of jihad’ (RT)

Iran: US Trying To Turn Iraq Into Second Ukraine (Stop NATO)

Fourth generation warfare in Iraq (Voltaire Net)

Iraq civil war: You can fight with an AK-47 … or a HOME-COOKED Trojan (The Register)

Moscow plans to supply to Iraq warplanes by end of summer (ITAR-TASS)

Blackwater Threatened to Kill US Official in Iraq: “Above the Law” (4th Media)
‘Right now the East China Sea is the most dangerous region in the world’ (RT)

Iraq to receive 5-10 Russian Su-25 fighter-bombers by September (Voice of Russia)

Iraq Kurdistan referendum planned (BBC)

Whose Hands Should Be On Iraq And Ukraine? (Irregular Times)

REVEALED: The sites blocked by Great Firewall of Iraq (The Register)

Amid Iraq’s carnage, preserving its ancient World Heritage sites may offer a glimmer of hope (RT)

Iraq may become ‘new Ukraine’ due to US interference – Iran’s deputy FM (Voice of Russia)

Iraq Crisis Fuels Short-Term Boom for Energy Stocks (Time)

Acting Iraq parliament speaker says security, stability must be restored (Chicago Tribune)
Recently elected Iraqi parliament opens first session to form new gov’t (Voice of Russia)

Iraq Kurdistan independence referendum planned (BBC)

Russian, Iranian deputy FMs hold talks on Iraq, Syria (Voice of Russia)

More than 2,400 killed in Iraq in June, highest monthly toll since 2007 (RT)

Iraq’s new parliament ends session after failing to making progress on new prime minister (Greenfiled Reporter)

Iraq deaths surpass 2400 in June, United Nations says (Fox News)

Netanyahu’s Caliphate: “your wickedness is great, which ye have done in the sight of the LORD, in asking you a king.” (4th Media)

Kurdistan plans independence referendum to leave Iraq (Arabian  Money)

Russia seeks UN condemnation of Syrian oil sale by terrorist groups (Voice of Russia)

Why Was Blackwater in China? (China Matters)

Fresh fighting around Iraq’s Tikrit (BBC)

Google Stays in Bed with Mercenaries, Intelligence Contractors (4th Media)

VIDEO: Iraqi Kurds push for separation (BBC)

Uneasy Caliphate: Inside Hawija in Iraq (Juan Cole)

Iraq to call for new government as ISIS continues deadly march (CNN)

Obama sends more US troops to Iraq (WSWS)

300 More U.S. Troops Land in Iraq For A Total Of 800! (Investment Watch)

White House announces an additional 300 troops to Iraq (RT)

How Blackwater Survived Iraq Probes Of Being “Above The Law” (Zero Hedge)

Moscow criticizes US for planned funding of Syrian armed opposition (Voice of Russia)

Electricity Generation needs Urgent Fuel Supply (Iraq Business News)

Iraq Kurds Vow to Keep Kirkuk Oil Fields Until Referendum (Business Week)

Iraq lawmakers convene to form new government in battle with ‘caliphate’ (Reuters)

Amid Iraq unrest, idea of three autonomous enclaves gains traction (LA Times)

Tracking Al Qaeda in Iraq’s Zarqawi Interview With Ex-CIA Analyst Nada Bakos (Musings on Iraq)

Kiev takes a major step toward negotiations (NEO)

Is Turkey Becoming Irrelevant To NATO? Part 1 (NEO)

Militants fought in Syria and Iraq posing threat to US (Voice of Russia)

US Sending 300 More Combat Troops to Iraq (

30 June 2014

The political dimensions of the current conflict in Iraq (NEO)

Saudi Arabia is fueling the war in Iraq (NEO)

Russia sends aircraft and trainers to Iraq (Redstate)

Obama Lied: US Sending 300 Additional Troops Into Iraq, Including Detachment Of Helicopters … (Blacklisted News)

Obama snubs MI5, sends CIA to investigate threat of radical Islam in UK (RT)

(The Greanville Post)Iraq’s Khazair displacement camp (Washpost)

200 More US “Boots On The Ground” Sent To Iraq…. Total Imaginary Boots On Ground Now … (The Conservative Tree House)

Iraq Warplanes: When Subsonic is Faster than Supersonic (Time)

Iraq’s New Parliament to Convene and Start Choosing Key Leaders (WSJ)

Real Goal of Iraq War in 2003: Oil and Inciting Terrorism to Create Permanent Conflict (The Greanville Post)

Russian Jets Point to New Alignment in Iraq (The American Interest)

Iraq shock pushes up prices of petrol, diesel (Times of India)

Govt scrambles to pull out all Indians from strife-torn Iraq (Times of India)

Iraq: Five Christians, including two nuns, missing, feared kidnapped by Muslims (Jihad Watch)

Iraq’s Lawmakers Set to Meet Without Bridging Rifts (Bloomberg)

Declaration by Sunni militants of “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria has ‘no meaning’ – US (Voice of Russia)

Here’s Why We Care About ISIS in Iraq (The Daily Banter)

Popular Movement in Iraq (Wikipedia)

30th June IRAQ SITREP by Mindriedo (Vineyard of the Saker)

‘We had to get out’: RT talks to Iraqi refugees from ISIS-occupied regions (RT)

Video Interview: Saad Jawad on Iraq (Iraq BUsiness News)

Blackwater Employee In Iraq’s Foolproof Job Security Plan: Threaten To Kill People Who Wanted … (Wonkette)

International meeting for ISIL in France (Voltaire Net)

Britain: Muslim youth and political Islam (

Iraq: ISIL Militants Fleeing Salahuddin in Women Dress (Fars News)

Who is Responsible for the Catastrophes in the Middle East? (Global Research)

Sunni rebels declare Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (NY Post)

Iraq: Security Forces Kill ISIL Commander in Kirkuk (Fars News)

The Systemic Sources of Geopolitical Turmoil: Instability, Fragmentation, Resource Wars (WashingtonsBlog)

Interview on Iraq on Radio New Zealand (Peace Blog)

Islamic bogeyman in Syria strikes fear in Washington (RT)

Iraq Crisis-$150 to $200 Oil Might Seem Cheap-Chris Martenson (USA Watchdog)

War and peace in Ukraine, and John Kerry: struggling not to lose Iraq (Voice of Russia)

Mosul maelstrom: ISIS and the turning point of American adventurism in Middle East (RT)

From Iraq To Ukraine, From Syria To Yugoslavia: Terrorists Who Wrecked The Modern World A … (Forbes)

Iraq or The Islamic State(The Minority Report)

Russia completes Su-25 supplies to Iraq under earlier contracts (ITAR-TASS)

‘Turks kidnapped by ISIS come from one of the biggest mistakes of the Turkish govt’ (RT)

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