A Congressional “Blueprint for US Intentions”: “Legislating the Way” to World War III? By Eric Draitser

21 July 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

The US Congress is doing its part to escalate the tensions with Russia over Ukraine and a host of other issues. In so doing, the legislative and executive branches of the US Government work hand in glove to further the US-NATO agenda in Eastern Europe.

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Video: Malaysian Airlines plane crash: Russian military unveil data on MH17 incident over Ukraine (FULL)

21 July 2014 — Youtube

The Russian Defense Ministry holds a press conference on the details of MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. Defense Ministry reports that on the day of the catastrophe, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the Boeing 777. Calling for Kiev to explain why the fighter jet was tracking the airplane. Continue reading

Israeli soldier posts picture of Palestine child in the cross hairs

21 July 2014 — New Power

idf-soldier-child-in-crosshair-instagram-300x300An image is worth a thousand words. An Israeli soldier caused a public outcry when he posted an image of a Palestinian child in the cross hairs of his sniper rifle to Instagram. Such is the brutality of racism, genocide, imperialism. Not only are the imperialists brutal, but they are so arrogant that they don’t even have the common sense to self censor their acts of terror. They are sure that the imperialists have their back so they do not even bother hiding their brutality. Genocide bought and paid by the USA. Israel could not survive without the billions it receives every year in military aid from the USA.

Editorial Position of the New York Times: “Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter” By Abba Solomon and Norman Solomon

21 July 2014 — Global Research

Over the weekend, the New York Times sent out a clear signal: the mass slaughter of civilians is acceptable when the Israeli military is doing the killing.

Under the headline “Israel’s War in Gaza,” the most powerful newspaper in the United States editorialized that such carnage is necessary. The lead editorial in the July 19 edition flashed a bright green light — reassuring the U.S. and Israeli governments that the horrors being inflicted in Gaza were not too horrible.

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NYT Rewrites Gaza Headline: Was It Too Accurate? By Peter Hart

17 July 2014 — FAIR Blog

Yesterday (7/16/14)  the New York Times posted its first account of the Israeli strike that killed four young Palestinians on a beach in Gaza. The headline looked like this:


That headline appropriately conveys the horrors witnessed and documented by the Times reporters.

But at some point–around 9:00 pm, according to the website Newsdiffs–the headline was changed to the version that appears on the front page of the New York Times today: “Boys Drawn to Gaza Beach, and Into Center of Mideast Strife.”

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PCHR_e 21 July 2014: Another Bloody Day On the 14th Day of the Israeli Offensive: Complete Families Attacked While inside Their Homes; Rescue Crews to Search for Victims in al-Shuja’iya Neighborhood; More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas

21 July 2014 — Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Releases

Ref: 92/2014

Date: 21 July 2014

Time: 07:00 GMT


Another Bloody Day

On the 14th Day of the Israeli Offensive:

Complete Families Attacked While inside Their Homes;

Rescue Crews to Search for Victims in al-Shuja’iya Neighborhood;

More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas
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Netanyahu’s “telegenically dead” comment is grotesque but not original, Goebbels beat him to it By Glenn Greenwald

21 July 2014 — The Intercept

Featured photo - Netanyahu’s “telegenically dead” comment is grotesque but not original

GAZA, PALESTINE – 2014/07/20: Palestinian medics carry the body of a child killed in Shijaiyah east of Gaza City, after Israel expanded its ground offensive on the Gaza Strip (Photo by Ibrahim Khader/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday, on CNN, addressing worldwide sympathy for the civilian victims of Israeli violence in Gaza:

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The End of Israel? By Gilad Atzmon

21 July 2014 — Gilad Atzmon

In his speech to the nation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged yesterday that the war on Gaza is a battle for the existence of the Jewish State. Netanyahu is correct. And Israel cannot win this battle; it cannot even define what a victory might entail. Surely the battle is not about the tunnels or the militants’ underground operation, the tunnels are just weapons of resistance rather than the resistance itself. The Hamas and Gaza militants lured Israel into a battle zone in which it could never succeed and Hamas set the conditions, chose the ground and has written the terms required to conclude this cycle of violence. 

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Information Clearing House 20 July 2014: A doctor writes from Gaza – ‘there are lakes of blood’

20 July 2014 — Information Clearing House

Dozens of Civilians Killed in Fresh Attacks on Gaza
Video – Warning – Graphic Images –
This video shows the horror and reality of the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza. It should only be viewed by a mature audiance.

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The MH17 investigation and Buk 312

21 July 2014 — Human Rights Investigations

In the days since the downing of MH17 a lot of people have jumped to conclusions prematurely. Evidence provided by the Ukrainian Security Service, combined with the results of social media investigations, suggests the Ukrainian authorities have been less than honest in key disclosures of information to date.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 20 July 2014: Death Zone in Shajiya

20 July 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

At Least 100 Killed, Sunday, Around 500 Injured
IMEMC – The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that the Israeli army killed more than 100 Palestinians, Sunday, mainly in the Shuja eyya and Remal neighborhoods of Gaza City, and that at least 480 Palestinians have been injured. …
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