Ukraine News Links 3-4 July 2014

4 July 2014 18:33:29 —

Channel 5 TV crew comes under fire in Rostov region, not in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

East Ukraine’s Donetsk starts saving drinking water, as water canal damaged in gunfire (ITAR-TASS)

President Poroshenko Uses RAND Corporation “Action Plan” for Eastern Ukraine including Ground Assaults and Air Strikes (Global Research)

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President al-Sisi chooses Psychopath and War Criminal Tony Blair as economic advisor

4 July 2014 — Voltaire Net

According to the Guardian, Tony Blair – former British prime minister and current Representative of the Quartet on the Middle East (EU, Russia, UN, USA) – has been appointed Egyptian President al-Sisi’s new economic advisor [1]

His salary will be paid by the United Arab Emirates, not Egypt.

[1] “Blair embodies corruption and war. He must be sacked”, Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 2 July 2014

Cover Up Surrounding Pentagon Funding of Facebook’s Psychological Experiment? By Paul Joseph Watson

2 July 2014 — Infowars

Army Research Office’s bankrolling of ’emotional contagion’ study scrubbed from Cornell press release

Was there a cover-up surrounding the Pentagon’s direct funding of Facebook’s notorious mass psychological study in order to conceal the fact that the experiment’s true purpose was part of preparations to manipulate public opinion in times of civil unrest?

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Predictive Technology: A New Tool For The Thought Police By Nicholas West

2 July 2014 — Activist Post

Predictive technology is exploding, in stealth, across the virtual landscape. The arrival of Big Data initiatives by government, as well as a massive industry of data brokers is not only putting privacy at risk, but is offering those with access to the information unprecedented ways to manage the lives of everyday citizens.

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Monsanto’s “Insidious” GM0 Food and its Dark Connections to the Military Industrial Complex

4 July 2014 — Analyst Report

Monsanto, the world’s largest genetically modified (GM/GMO) seed producer, has been at the centre of controversy for decades as evidence of the harmful effects on humans of GM foods continues to mount.  Joined with the likes of DuPont’s Pioneer Hi-Bred International and Syngenta, Monsanto and partners comprise the corporate nexus of Big-Agri, where the control over our food supply is increasingly transferred into the hands of private trans-national corporations as opposed to local farmers and governments.

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Ukraine disaster: Poroshenko set to go all the way to ruin country’s southeast

4 July 2014 — Voice of Russia

Two Lugansk residents got killed and eight more sustained injuries as several apartment blocks came under fire on Thursday. An oncology center and a school were also damaged in the shelling, following Ukrainian president-elect Poroshenko’s refusal to prolong the 10-day ceasefire that he had announced earlier prior to the EU association agreement signing in Belgium.

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Why America Hates and Despises Victims By Eric Zuesse

3 July 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

Here are photos of residents in southeastern Ukraine and of their homes that we bombed yesterday, and you see the corpses, and the grieving survivors. But Americans call them “terrorists,” even though these people never were that, and even though America is funding the terrorism against all the residents in southeastern Ukraine, to force them to either die or else flee, so that they won’t be able to vote in future Ukrainian elections, and so that the government we installed in a February coup in Kiev will stay installed, even if Ukraine becomes again a democracy. The residents in that region had voted overwhelmingly for the President whom we overthrew on February 22nd.

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NSA targets anyone interested in online privacy By Joseph Santolan

4 July 2014 — WSWS

An article published on July 3 by German public broadcaster Das Erste reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) is using its surveillance program XKeyScore to target users of the traffic anonymizing software Tor and the Tails operating system, for deep packet inspection, data retention, and heightened surveillance.

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