Black Agenda Report for July 16, 2014: Central American Child Refugees, Toward Free Higher Education, US-Israeli War Crimes

16 July 2014 — Black Agenda Report

What Corporate Media and Corporate Latino Politicians Won’t Tell You About Central American Child Refugees

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Why can’t Latino politicians and corporate media call the current wave of Central American children refugees, when that’s what they plainly are? What’s the role of the US drug war, US trained cops and military, and US funded death squads in the violence and poverty that sent them here, and why won’t Latino politicians mention that either? And why are none fleeing Nicaragua, which is just as poor as Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador?

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Igor Strelkov on the Field of Battles: Giving Orders and Interviews

16 July 2014 — No Limit to Our Anger (c) V. M. Molotov

[I don’t know how accurate these situation reports from the Eastern Ukraine are, but they make interesting reading. I wonder also, how much is down to the translation as they come across more like prose than journalism? But most surprising of all is the fact that the ‘rebels’, ‘separatists’, or ‘federalists’, take your pick, might actually stand a chance of winning, but at what cost? WB]

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We all already own the NHS – the latest ‘mutual’ spin is about taking it out of our hands By Caroline Molloy

16 July 2014 —OurNHS

So-called ‘mutuals’ have been tried in the NHS – and flopped badly. But they can’t let this Trojan horse for privatisation go.

Here we go again. Turning the NHS into a ‘staff-owned’ mutual or ‘social enterprise’ has been re-launched more times than Liam Fox’s career, generally to a resounding wave of indifference or hostility from NHS staff who are generally less interested in being ‘social entrepreneurs’ than in getting on with doctoring and nursing.

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“Iron Dome is a Bluff”, Says Israeli Defense Expert Moti Shefer By Chris Carlson

15 July 2014 — International Middle East Media Center 

irondomePrize winning Israeli defense and aerospace engineering expert Dr. Moti Shefer stated, during a recent interview with Radio 103, that the infamous Israeli “Iron Dome” security system was one of the biggest bluffs that he’d ever seen.

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PCHR_e 16 July 2014: On the 9th Day of the Offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli Warplanes Escalate Attacks on Houses, Especially Those of Political Leaders

16 July 2014 — Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Releases
Ref: 87/2014
Date: 16 July 2014
Time: 07:00 GMT

On the 9th Day of the Offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli Warplanes Escalate Attacks on Houses, Especially Those of Political Leaders

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