VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 12 July 2014: 18 from one family killed in Gaza

12 July 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Numerous Injuries in Bethlehem, Hebron & Jenin
IMEMC – 5 Palestinians kidnapped A Bethlehem family received treatment for suffocation, Saturday, after an Israeli tear gas canister landed in their home, according to local and media reports. Five Palestinians were kidnapped in the Hebron and Jenin districts, during clashes with Israeli forces. Reports of live fire continue to surface. …
List of the 169 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Since Tuesday
IMEMC – The following is a list of the 169 Palestinians killed by Israeli air bombardment since Tuesday, July 8th. This list is being updated regularly. …

54 Palestinians Killed on Saturday as Israeli Bombs Drop at Rate of One Every Five Minutes
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported that 54 Palestinians have been killed on the fifth day of Israel s aggression on the Gaza Strip. The dead include an entire extended family of 18 people in Khan Younis, including two ten-year olds, a 12-year old, a 13-year old and a 16-year old. Dozens of Palestinians have been injured as Israeli missiles continues to strike homes and civilian areas …

International Peace Volunteers Remain in Hospital Threatened by Israeli Missiles
IMEMC – Israel s army fired four warning missiles at the roof of El-Wafa rehabilitation hospital in Gaza City, Gaza. International volunteers now staying in the hospital in solidarity, have said they, can hear missiles falling close by . …

Gaza Supporters Clash with Israeli Military in the West Bank
IMEMC – In the West Bank, fierce clashes broke out late Friday and early Saturday, between Israeli troops and young Palestinian men who had been protesting the military offensive in Gaza. …

Egyptian Authorities Bar European Medics from Gaza
IMEMC – Euro-Mid Observer: airstrikes on Gaza every 3 minutes Egyptian authorities at Rafah border crossing, on Saturday, refused entry into Gaza to a European medical team. The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights has affirmed that Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip are escalating, with an aerial strike occurring every three minutes. …

Ma’an News

Horror as Gaza handicapped care facility bombed
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — Twenty-year-old Palestinian Sally Saqr lies in a hospital bed in Gaza’s Shifa hospital with burns that have turned her cheeks an angry pink beneath her ventilation tube. She survived an Israeli strike in the early hours of Saturday morning that hit a care home for Palestinians with special needs. Two of her fellow residents were not so lucky. The two…. Related:Israel targets civilian facilities in deadly Gaza assault

Israel targets civilian facilities in deadly Gaza assault
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Palestinian civilians and civilian facilities are being targeted repeatedly by Israeli airstrikes across the coastal enclave including residential buildings, sports clubs and parks. On Saturday morning Israeli F-16 warplanes fired a missile at the building of Khadamat al-Maghazi sport club in al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. Another missile hit a football playground in the Nuseirat refugee…. Related:Horror as Gaza handicapped care facility bombed

6 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza City
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Six Palestinians were killed and several others were injured in an airstrike targeting them Saturday afternoon in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza city. The spokesman of the Ministry of Health said that Rateb Subhi al-Saifi, 22, Azmi Mahmoud Obeid, 51, Nidal Muhammad Abu al-Malsh, 22, Suleiman Said Obeid, 56, Mustafa Muhammad Inaya, 58, from Sheikh Radwan and Ghassan….

Family who fled after ‘warning call’ killed outside home
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — When their next-door neighbors received a “warning call” from Israel to evacuate a home in Jabaliya refugee camp, Yousef Qandil and his son Anas fled their property, fearing that they could be killed or injured by shrapnel. Both men took refuge under a tree near the site, awaiting the imminent airstrike which they expected to hit the house, or neighboring….

Israeli airstrikes kill over 20 in Gaza
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Ongoing Israeli airstrikes across the besieged Gaza Strip have killed over 20 Palestinians since midnight, bringing the total death toll to more than 130, Gaza medical sources said Saturday. Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said eight were killed Saturday evening in Gaza City, el-Bureij, and Jabaliya, including a woman and a teenager. An airstrike in Jabaliya, northern Gaza, killed…. Related:Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill 21 Palestinians

Israel army tells Palestinians in north Gaza to evacuate
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) – The Israeli army is warning Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip to “leave their homes for their own safety,” the military said in a statement on Saturday night.”Tonight we will send messages to northern Gaza residents urging them to leave their homes for their own safety. It’s unsafe to be near Hamas,” the statement said. The warning is not the….

5 injured in airstrike on Saftawi neighborhood in Jabaliya
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Five people were injured moderately to seriously in an airstrike on the Saftawi neighborhood in Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, a Ma’an correspondent reported. [END]

Northern Israel hit by rockets from Lebanon
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Two rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel late on Saturday, the military said, adding that no casualties were reported.”Two rockets fired from Lebanon hit uninhabited areas in the Nahariya region,” a coastal town around 12 kilometers from the border with Lebanon, an army spokeswoman told AFP. Israel responded with artillery fire targeting the firing points. Lebanon’s official news agency….

Israeli warplanes destroy 4 homes in Gaza City
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli warplanes destroyed four homes in Gaza City on Saturday, residents said. There were no immediate reports of injury. [END]

Medics: 1 killed, 3 injured in eastern Gaza City
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — An Israeli airstrike killed one Palestinian and injured three others in eastern Gaza City on Saturday, medics said. The victim was identified as Ghazi Arif. [END]

Palestinian killed in airstrike on Nuseirat refugee camp
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Khawla al-Hawajri, 24, died Saturday in an airstrike on Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, medics said. [END]

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained in northern Gaza attack
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Rifaat Youssef Amer died Saturday of wounds he sustained in an earlier airstrike in the al-Saftawi area in northern Gaza. [END]

Rocket warning sirens heard in 2 central Israel towns
7/12/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Rocket warning sirens were heard in Rehovot and Bet Oved, two towns in central Israel, on Saturday afternoon. [END]

Palestinian resistance factions continue to attack Israeli towns
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Hamas’ military wing said the group’s fighters had fired 571 different rockets and shells at Israeli targets by noon Saturday. The attacks included four R160 missiles, 2 J80 missiles, 37 M75 missiles and 13 Sijjeel 55 missiles in addition to hundreds of Grad missiles, mortar shells and homemade projectiles. For its part, the al-Quds Brigades, the military…. Related:Rockets from Gaza land in Bethlehem, Hebron

Rocket warning heard in Rishon LeZion near Tel Aviv
7/12/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A rocket warning was heard in Rishon LeZion near Tel Aviv on Saturday. [END]

Rockets from Gaza land in Bethlehem, Hebron
7/12/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Rockets fired from Gaza landed in areas surrounding Bethlehem and Hebron on Saturday, witnesses said. Locals said several rockets landed in an area near the illegal settlement of Efrat south of Bethlehem. Israel’s army said one rocket landed in an “urban area in Hebron,” while two others struck the area of Bethlehem. Shortly before the rockets hit, air raid…. Related:Palestinian resistance factions continue to attack Israeli towns

Israel approves 800 evacuation requests for foreign passports holders
7/12/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli coordinator of government activities in the territories has received 800 requests to evacuate Palestinians with foreign passports from the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported. The Hebrew-language Walla news website said on Saturday that the coordinator approved all the requests and the evacuation will start on Sunday through the Beit Hanoun crossing. The 800 requests are from Palestinians holding American….

Egypt opens Rafah crossing in 1 direction for Gaza critical injuries
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing with Gaza Saturday morning to allow entry of injured Gaza citizens into Egypt for medical treatment and to allow holders of Egyptian and foreign passports to leave the coastal enclave. Officials in the Palestinian border and crossing department highlighted that the crossing was open in one direction only. They said that thousands of special….

Egypt’s Sisi warns against Gaza ‘escalation’
7/12/2014 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned Saturday that escalating the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza would cost more “innocent lives,” as the death toll climbed to 127 Palestinians. Sisi’s spokesman said the government was in touch with both sides after the president met Mideast Quartet envoy Tony Blair. [END]

Hamas media war targets Israelis and Palestinians
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — The music video opens with Palestinian Hamas fighters in fatigues building, transporting and then firing rockets at Israel — but the triumphant lyrics are being sung in Hebrew, not Arabic.”We prepare a generation of warriors who cling to death like the enemy clings to life,” the words run, with Arabic subtitles.”A (nation) state of weakness and illusion can’t hold….

Egypt army sends aid to Gaza Strip
7/12/2014 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — Egypt’s army transferred six truckloads of aid to the Rafah crossing on Saturday to be taken into Gaza. Over 2,500 boxes of medical supplies and 9,000 packages of nutritional supplements were among the aid. Earlier, Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing with Gaza to allow the entry of injured Gaza citizens into Egypt for medical treatment and to allow….

Hague: UK, US, France, Germany to discuss Gaza ceasefire Sunday
7/12/2014 – LONDON (AFP) — British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he will discuss how to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza with US Secretary of State John Kerry and his German and French counterparts during talks in Vienna on Sunday. Hague said in a statement on Saturday that the discussions on ending the hostilities between Israel and Gaza would take place on the sidelines of talks on Iran….

Netanyahu balancing on Gaza tightrope, for now
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) – Benjamin Netanyahu, initially accused by Israel’s most ardent hawks of dithering over Hamas rocket fire, appears to have found at least a temporary political balance with his punishing air campaign against Gaza. But rivals on the far-right are still snapping at him, some demanding that he strangle the densely populated and impoverished Palestinian enclave by cutting off electricity, fuel and food….

2,000 Tunisians protest against Israel’s Gaza assault
7/12/2014 – TUNIS (AFP) — Some 2,000 people, mostly supporters of the main Islamist party, protested in Tunis Friday against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, which has claimed more than 100 lives in four days.” The people want the liberation of Palestine,” and “Forward Hamas, you fight for our honour,” were among the slogans shouted by demonstrators, who waved Tunisian and Palestinian flags. The green and….

Diplomat: Arab foreign ministers to meet Monday on Gaza
7/12/2014 – CAIRO (AFP) — Arab foreign ministers are to meet in Cairo on Monday to discuss the escalating conflict between Hamas militants in Gaza and Israel which has already killed more than 120 Palestinians, a diplomat said. Kuwait, which holds the rotating leadership of the Arab League headquartered in the Egyptian capital, had demanded the “urgent” meeting, the diplomat told AFP on Saturday. There has been no….

Gaza markets remain open despite airstrikes
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Despite the constant Israeli airstrikes, daily life in the blockaded Gaza Strip is going on normally with all shops open and markets crowded with shopper.”I swear to God that I am not scared. Let them bombard as they like, we aren’t afraid as we don’t want to die twice, once from fear and once from….


Gaza death toll soars with no sign of lull
AlJazeera 12 Jul 2014 – Bloodiest day so far, leaving at least 52 Palestinians killed, raising the toll to 154 since Tuesday.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

On the 5th Day of the Offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli Warplanes Attack Civilian Facilities, Including Charities, Pa…
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Situation report update, 12 July 2014
Relief Web 12 Jul 2014 – Source: World Health Organization Country: occupied Palestinian territory 12 July 2014 – A centre for the developmentally disabled in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, al Mubarrat Filastin, was destroyed in a missile attack on 12 July that hit…

occupied Palestinian territory: Security Council calls for Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, protection of civilians
Relief Web 12 Jul 2014 – Source: UN News Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory 12 July 2014 Concerned about the ongoing crisis in Gaza, the United Nations Security Council on Saturday called for a ceasefire between the Israelis and Palestinians and for the protection of…

occupied Palestinian territory: On the 5th Day of the Offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli Warplanes Attack Civilian Facilities, Including Charities, Parks, Disabilities Rehabilitation Centers, Sport Clubs and Mosque, and Increasingly Target Houses
Relief Web 12 Jul 2014 – Source: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory 114 Palestinians Killed, of Whom 94 Are Civilians, Including 26 Children and 18 Women, and 799 Others Wounded, Mostly Civilians, Including 249 Children and 165 Women; 149 Houses Targeted and…

occupied Palestinian territory: Gaza toll at 157 as Israel strikes intensify – 3rdlead
Relief Web 11 Jul 2014 – Source: Agence France-Presse Country: occupied Palestinian territory 07/12/2014 21:52 GMT GAZA CITY, July 12, 2014 (AFP) – Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed 52 people Saturday, including two severely handicapped women in a care facility, medics said. The…

The National

Global Talk: What is the US thinking on Iraq?
The National 12 Jul 2014 – Dr Michael Knights describes the challenges the United States faces in Iraq.

UN to supervise Afghan vote recount
The National 12 Jul 2014 – The recount is to begin within 24 hours, and a presidential inauguration scheduled for August 2 will be postponed.

Palestinian ambulance drivers defy risks to save lives
The National 12 Jul 2014 – At great personal risk, ambulance drivers in the Gaza Strip are racing to the scene of the latest Israeli attacks to try and save lives, Hugh Naylor reports.

UN calls for ceasefire as Gaza death toll soars
The National 12 Jul 2014 – Number of Palestinian dead approaches 140 as Israelis continue to hammer heavily populated areas.

Fatal attraction: foreigners who fight in Syria
The National 12 Jul 2014 – What motivates idealistic Muslims, mostly the children of immigrants in their teens and twenties, to abandon lives of promise in their parents adopted countries to fight for a faraway cause? The National’s Colin Randall finds out

Hopes dim for Iran nuclear agreement as Russia and China skip talks
The National 12 Jul 2014 – VIENNA // Decisions by the foreign ministers of Russia and China to skip talks on Iran s nuclear programme this weekend are further denting expectations that the stalled negotiations will produce a deal by July 20. The US which is sending secretary of state John Kerry to join three other ministers is putting on a good face. State department spokeswoman Marie Harf says the six powers talking with Iran remain united in the negotiating room, as we always have .

Crude bomb blast wounds 6 in India; 4 men abducted
The National 12 Jul 2014 – GAUHATI, India // A crude bomb exploded on Saturday in India s north-east, wounding at least six people, and authorities searched for four Muslim traders believed to be abducted by a rebel group in the region. The improvised device went off near the Manipur University complex in Imphal, the capital of Manipur state. A police officer said that five of the wounded were being treated in a hospital. Two of them were in critical condition.

Voices on Afghanistan: How to resolve the election dispute
The National 12 Jul 2014 – Former Afghan diplomat Omar Samad suggests a plan for resolving the presidential election dispute.

Violence drives tourists out of Lebanon
The National 12 Jul 2014 – A spate of terrorist bombings has triggered a wave of cancellations of hotel and flight bookings, dashing hopes that the hospitality sector would experience a better summer this year than last.


Survey: Business survival rates higher for new, returning Israelis
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

LIVE UPDATES: IDF special forces raid long-range rocket launching site
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

LIVE UPDATES: Operation Protective Edge, Day 5
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

It’s time for Israel to seek a cease-fire in Gaza
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

‘Tyrant’ star Justin Kirk develops a taste for Tel Aviv (but not tehina)
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Israel’s real purpose in Gaza operation? To kill Arabs
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Report: Loess plains most degraded ecosystem in Israel, must be protected
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

LIVE UPDATES: 18 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza City
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Last surviving member of the Ramones dies
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Gaza civilians: ‘Waiting for our turn in the slaughterhouse’
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Ground forces not rushing in where angels fear to tread
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Right-wingers attack leftists in Tel Aviv demonstration
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Israel’s international credit to pound Gaza is running out
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Israel’s international credit to pound Gaza is running out
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Focusing on a victory picture, at any price
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Crisis in Gaza will exact its price from Israel in spirit, if not in blood
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

International community steps up pressure to reach cease-fire
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Will Israel and Hamas ‘pause for peace’ for the World Cup final?
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

The search for an Israel-Hamas mediator
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

At the crossroads of a Gaza ground operation
Ha’aretz – 12 Jul 2014

Monument to murdered Palestinian teen vandalized for second time
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Senior Hamas official to Haaretz: Palestinian unity government won’t be dismantled
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

International activists staying at Gaza hospital the IDF plans to bomb
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Thousands in London, Paris, and Oslo protest Israeli strikes in Gaza
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Rocket alert song in Israel goes viral
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Up to 30 Ukrainian servicemen killed by pro-Russian rebel grad missile attack
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Is Netanyahu already looking beyond Gaza to Iran?
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Stop the rockets, stop the settlements
Ha’aretz – 11 Jul 2014

Implementing the master plan for East Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – 10 Jul 2014

Eliminating the Palestinians as a political entity
Ha’aretz – 10 Jul 2014

Jerusalem Post

The Shabbat ordinance
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – While addressing the Shabbat prohibitions and limitations let s not forget the need to invest in alternative, contemporary ways to enhance the positive spirit of Shabbat.

The ‘victories’ of Hamas, according to Gaza TV
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – “Seven Israelis die in Zikim,” and “all of Tel-Aviv is in shelters”- examples of “news” that Gaza residents are hearing lately.

For Zion’s Sake: Yes we can destroy Hamas
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – If we leave Hamas intact, not only will they continue to murder and terrorize us, but there may come a time when it regains its strategic footing, rebuilds its alliances and finds new allies.

Spy vs Spy
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – It is difficult to escape the impression that Pollard is over-punished only because of his Jewishness. It is time to end this travesty of justice.

Two rockets fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Code Red sirens blare in Western Galilee towns of, Nahariya, Shlomi; the IDF fires at the rocket launch zones in Lebanon with artillery fire.

The voice of Israeli jazz
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Despite Parkinson s disease and an inability to present his radio shows himself, Danny Carpel s contribution to jazz evolution here has not gone unnoticed.

IDF begins evacuating Gazans before stepped up air strikes
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Gazans are being removed from northern Gaza and other areas from which rockets are being fired senior army source says.

US will ask Iran to ‘cease and desist’ rocket shipments to Gaza
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Rare high-level meeting between US and Iran to take place in Vienna; Kerry to ask Iran to cooperate after Gaza rockets threaten Israeli lives.

After Hamas advance notice, rockets intercepted over Tel Aviv area
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Sirens blare in TA twice, also in other parts of country; man lightly injured by parts of intercepted rocket.

On Gaza, the Security Council finally speaks, calls for cease-fire
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Palestinian envoy threatens Israel with draft resolution if cease-fire agreement not reached.

Reports of ceasefire formula emerge as Gaza hostilities continue
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Blair meets with Sisi to discuss ways to restore 2012 ceasefire; Gal-On says PM must involve Abbas to end hostilities.

IAF strike kills two of Hamas chief Haniyeh’s nephews
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Haniyeh confirms deaths on Twitter; Palestinian death toll stands at 121; 34 rockets hit Israel on Saturday.

Twitter photo showing Israelis ‘cheering’ Gaza bombing goes viral
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Picture snapped by journalist shows Israelis relaxing while in the background lights emanate from the heavily bombarded Gaza Strip.

Hamas officials denounce ‘criminal’ Abbas as ‘Likud member’
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Palestinian Authority chief slammed Islamist group for rocket fire, called for end to violence.

ABC News gaffe invites ridicule from pro-Palestinian Twitter users
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2014 – Diane Sawyer errantly referred to a Palestinian family seen in footage of the aftermath of an IDF attack on Gaza as Israeli victims of Hamas rockets.

Middle Israel: Eyeless in Gaza
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Isolated on all fronts, Hamas s strategic situation has never been worse, and the current clash won t improve it; Hamas s isolation reflects a lack of flexibility, sophistication needed to fulfill its quest to lead a nation.

Intel: Tunnel vision
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Hamas would like to draw Israel into a ground incursion where it would fight the IDF from highly sophisticated underground network, knowing Jerusalem does’t intend to topple Hamas leaving a power vacuum.

Tourists react to Friday morning rocket barrage in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Shrapnel hit the synagogue, as Tel Aviv was targeted by long-range rockets while more landed in the neighborhood near the beach.

Jordan’s king warns of ‘dangerous Israeli escalation’ against Palestinians
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Abdullah II asserted that developments over recent days “would increase the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

Liberman says Israel must ‘go all the way and eradicate Hamas regime in Gaza’
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Foreign minister laid out a more ambitious goal for Israel than that of his boss, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Two Israelis injured by Palestinian rocket which struck Beersheba home
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – One of the injured, an 80-year-old woman, was rushed to Soroka Medical Center; Iron Dome intercepts fresh barrage of rockets over greater Tel Aviv.

The Guardian

Disabled Palestinians unable to escape Israeli air strike
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – International pressure to curb civilian casualties is mounting as a charitable centre in Gaza is destroyed in an Israeli attack targeting a suspected militant Who knows who lived in the two first-floor apartments above a home…

Australia advises citizens to leave Gaza Strip immediately
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – Embassy in Israel arranging one-off assisted departure for Australian nationals Australians in the Gaza Strip are being urged to leave immediately as violence in the area continues to escalate. The Australian embassy in Tel Aviv is…

UN security council calls for Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – As Israel widens air assault on Gaza, UN statement calls for resumption of Middle East peace talks Israel widened its air assault against the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers on Saturday, hitting a mosque, Hamas-affiliated charities and…

Eyewitness: Rafah Camp, Gaza Strip
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series Continue reading…


The Rule of Law Oral History Project: How the Guant·namo Prisoners Have Been Failed by All Three Branches of the US Government
Uruknet 12 Jul 2014 – July 6, 2014 – …Obama issued the executive order on his second day in office, promising to close Guant·namo within the year, and then didn t. When challenged, he has repeatedly capitulated, particularly on-his White House counsel, Greg [Gregory B.]…

Ahmad Chalabi: from pariah to Iraq s next prime minister?
Uruknet 12 Jul 2014 – July 6, 2014 – …The mercurial career of Ahmad Chalabi has been central to much of the turmoil that Iraq has gone through in the past 20 years. From guerrilla leader in exile in the Kurdish north to the pinup…

Palestinian American teen describes savage beating by Israeli police
Uruknet 12 Jul 2014 – July 6, 2014 – Palestinian child Tarek speaks about his brutal beating at the hands of Israeli undercover police. “And they hit me, and they kept hitting me and then I fell asleep and then I woke up in the…

Allawi warns Iraq could be dismembered unless Al-Maliki leaves
Uruknet 12 Jul 2014 – July 6. 2014 -A former Iraqi prime minister has called on the outgoing incumbent, Nouri Al-Maliki, to give up his bid for a third term, or risk the “dismemberment” of Iraq, Reuters has reported. In an interview on Saturday, the…

Syria News – July 5, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet 12 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – By the end of Saturday, LCC has documented the fall of 35 martyrs including 2 women, 7 children and 2 martyrs under torture. 12 martyrs were reported in Daraa, 9 in Idlib, 5 in Damascus and…

Daily Star

Rockets from Lebanon hit n. Israel
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Three rockets fired from south Lebanon hit northern Israel, triggering retaliatory artillery fire on the Lebanese border village of Zebqin, a security source told The Daily Star Saturday.

Rockets from Gaza hit West Bank cities: Israel
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Rockets fired from Gaza hit in and near two cities in the southern West Bank, the Israeli army says.

UN Security Council calls for Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 A council statement approved by all 15 members calls for de-escalation of the violence, restoration of calm and a resumption of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jordan reluctant to host Syria rebel training
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Jordan, where the U.S. CIA has been covertly training Syrian rebels for more than a year, is reluctant to host an expanded rebel instruction program, U.S. officials say.

Iraq executed prisoners in revenge for ISIS: HRW
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Iraqi security forces and government affiliated militias appear to have unlawfully executed at least 255 prisoners over the past month in apparent revenge for killings by ISIS fighters, according to a rights group on Saturday.

Gaza families bear brunt of Israel’s ‘pinpoint strikes’
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 The Israeli “pinpoint strikes” in Gaza have killed whole families and children but few of the wanted men they are meant to target, Palestinian residents say.

Sisi warns against Gaza ‘escalation’
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Egypt’s president warns that escalating the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will cost more “innocent lives,” as the death toll climbed to 127 Palestinians.

YNet News

Code red siren sounds in Sha’aer Hanagev Regional Council
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Palestinians report: Three killed in IAF attacks in Rafah, northern Gaza Strip
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

After rocket barrage to Galilee several communities open bomb shelters
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-Semitic Gaza tweets
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – Yildiz Tilbe pressured to apologize after writing ‘If God allows, it will be again Muslims who will bring the end of those Jews.’ ….

Palestinian Information Center

Gaza’s healthcare services on brink of collapse
PIC – The World Health Organization concerned about ‘high levels of shortages of medicines, medical disposables and hospital fuel supplies’ in Gaza.

Gaza Death toll hits 135 as Israeli airstrike massacres 6 more civilians
PIC – An unspeakable Israeli massacre hit northern Gaza on Saturday as six Palestinians were killed while dozens were left wounded in an Israeli airstrike on Palestinian civil communities.

Egypt denies entry of European medical delegation into the Gaza Strip
PIC – The Egyptian Authorities have denied on Saturday the entry of a European medical delegation, heading to Gaza for urgent medical treatment, into al-Arish city in northern Sinai.

Israeli airstrikes target more civilian buildings
PIC – Israeli warplanes targeted for the second time the leader in Hamas Movement Yahia Sinwar‚¨ “!s home in Khan Younis southern Gaza Strip.

Young men from Al-Khalil attack Israeli soldiers in solidarity with Gaza
PIC – Palestinian young men protesting Israel’s war on Gaza at dawn Saturday clashed with Israeli troops in an area to the south of Al-Khalil and attacked their armored vehicles with Molotov cocktails.

Hamas: Abbas is relinquishing his national responsibilities
PIC – Hamas Movement lashed out at Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas for requesting a delay in an emergency meeting for the Arab League to discuss the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Resheq: No ceasefire without Israel accepting our terms
PIC – Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said his Movement would only accept a ceasefire agreement with the Israeli side in accordance with terms set by the Palestinian resistance.

Young men launch Molotov attacks on Israeli troops in Ramallah and J’lem
PIC – Violent clashes broke out on Friday night in Ramallah and other areas of Jerusalem between young men, protesting Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, and Israeli soldiers.

Israeli air raid on orphanage kills three girls with special needs in Beit Lahia
PIC – Three little girls with special needs were killed during Israeli airstrikes at dawn Saturday on an orphanage for the disabled in Beit Lahiya district in the Gaza Strip.

Four Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike north of Gaza
PIC – Four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air raid on northern Gaza Strip at a late night hour on Friday while a fifth, a minor, succumbed to critical wounds suffered in an earlier raid.


Amnesty International Calls UN to Impose Arms Embargo, Mandate International Investigation
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Ongoing Israeli Air Raids on Gaza Kill 20 Palestinians, Death Toll Reaches 128
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Israeli Warplanes and Artillery Pound Poultry Farms, Food Warehouses to East of Gaza
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Arab League to Hold Urgent FMs Meeting on Israeli Aggression on Gaza
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Dozens of Suffocation Cases and Bullet Injuries during Clashes in Hebron District
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Family Suffocate during Clashes in Bethlehem
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

PHROC Calls for Addressing Israel s Violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014

Newspaper Review: Ongoing Israeli Airstrikes across Gaza Strip Focus of Dailies
WAFA – 12 Jul 2014


Iraqi Militants Kill 26 in Raid on Baghdad Building
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – Gunmen stormed an apartment complex known for prostitution and killed at least 20 women and six men, according to the Interior Ministry.

Air Strikes Continue Into a Sixth Day in Gaza
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – Israel s air war against Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters in Gaza has proved difficult and painful.

U.S. Warns Iran Over Unworkable Plans for Nuclear Power Program
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – Iran s supreme leader spoke of a need to dramatically increase nuclear enrichment, while the U.S. and others say the country should be moving toward scaling down.

U.S. and Iraqis Try to Fragment Extremist Group
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – American and Iraqi officials are looking to capitalize on the rifts that are beginning to divide the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Sunni militant groups.

As Israel Hits Mosque and Clinic, Air Campaign s Risks Come Home
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – The Israeli military said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad systematically use mosques to conceal weaponry and establish underground tunnel networks.

Israeli Invasion to Begin in Coming Hours
Tikun Olam – In a recent post, I published a State Department notice it was evacuating U.S. citizens from Gaza. The message asked those wishing to leave to provide necessary contact information by the morning of July 11th (yesterday). I predicted that meant an Israeli invasion would happen the…

Gaza under attack again
Mondoweiss – For the second time in 2 years Israel ferociously attacks Gaza. And for the second time, I m not there. I follow the news on Twitter. With every tweet, and every explosion, it feels like I am deaf. My heart is there where my family and people…

Latest from Gaza: Israel targets houses, mosques, disabled center and essential infrastructure, 14 more Palestinians killed
Mondoweiss – [ View the story “UNRWA updates from Gaza” on Storify ] Only a selection of the many hundreds of articles written during this fraught week Gaza Saturday morning: Israeli airstrikes target mosques, center for disabled youth, killing 14 IMEMC 12 July by Saed Bannoura Airstrikes continue;…

Gaza War: Day 5, Palestinian Dead: 121
Tikun Olam – Israeli home destroyed by Gaza rocket. (Ynet) Every day the war continues, Israel seems to find ever more inventive ways to kill Palestinians. Just overnight, Israel time, 14 Palestinians died in Israeli air attacks. Palestinian rockets traveled as far north as Haifa, and there were several…

Gaza War: Day 4, 99 Gazan Dead, Half Women and Children, Ground Invasion Imminent
Tikun Olam – The mothers of Gaza wail Today, the death toll in Gaza has climbed to 90 . Half of the dead are women and children. 550 Palestinians have been injured. The IAF launched what its PR flack, Lt Col Peter Lerner, called a precision strike aimed at a…

Gaza War: Day 3, 72 Palestinians Dead, 13 Children
Tikun Olam – 1956 Gaza War:rallying the troops to fight terror On the third day of Operation Punching Bag (aka Protective Edge), Israel has stacked up 72 Palestinian corpses like cordwood. Sixteenof them are children, ten are women, and almost none are militants (one senior Hamas leader was killed…

Tel Aviv Shrugs Off Gaza Rocket Salvo Toll at 151
The Foward Breaking News 12 Jul 2014 – Hamas warned Israel in a Hebrew message that it would fire on Tel Aviv in a barrage that would test the Iron Dome missile defense system. Click here for the rest of the article…

Sabbah report 12 Jul 2014 – Gaza: Israel launches massive offensive “Operation Protective Edge” The post: #GazaUnderAttack Day 4 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT appeared first on Sabbah Report ß Sign up for our FREE newsletter ß

Hostilities in Gaza and Israel, UN Situation Report as of 10 July 2014
Sabbah report 12 Jul 2014 – Hostilities in Gaza and Israel, UN Situation Report as of 10 July 2014 The post: Hostilities in Gaza and Israel, UN Situation Report as of 10 July 2014 appeared first on Sabbah Report ß Sign up for our FREE newsletter ß

Sabbah report 12 Jul 2014 – Gaza: Israel launches massive offensive “Operation Protective Edge” – Day 5 The post: #GazaUnderAttack Day 5 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT appeared first on Sabbah Report ß Sign up for our FREE newsletter ß

UN calls for Israel-Gaza ceasefire
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – The UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians, as Palestinian deaths in Gaza continue to mount.

Ron Dermer Makes Effective Voice of Israel in Time of Crisis
The Forward New 12 Jul 2014 – Ron Dermer is Israel s man in Washington. The American-bred ambassador has so far succeeded in selling the Gaza operation but how long can his PR magic last? Click here for the rest of the article…

Gunmen kill 29 in Baghdad attack
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Gunmen storm two buildings in the Iraqi capital, killing at least 29 people including 20 women, officials say.

15 Killed in Strike on Gaza Police Chief
The Foward Breaking News 12 Jul 2014 – An Israeli air strike on the home of Gaza s police chief killed 15 Palestinians on Saturday, the Gaza health ministry said, the deadliest attack since Israel launched an offensive in the enclave five days ago. Click here for the rest of the article…

Does the Hamas Response to Israel s Abrogation of the Cease Fire Violate Just War Principles?
The Magnes Zionist 12 Jul 2014 – The beginning of the current round of hostilities should be dated from Israeli actions in a Gaza tunnel that resulted in the deaths of six Hamas militants. Although Israel denied responsibility, it admitted that it had carried out operations in the area that plausibly led to…

Iran Digs in Heels in Nuclear Talks
The Foward Breaking News 12 Jul 2014 – Iran has stuck to unworkable and inadequate positions in nuclear talks with six world powers despite a looming deadline for a deal to end sanctions against Tehran in exchange for curbs on its atomic program, a U.S. official said on Saturday. Click here for the rest…

Israel Rushes New Iron Dome Mosque Bombed as Gaza Death Toll Soars to 125
The Foward Breaking News 12 Jul 2014 – Israel rushed an eighth missile interceptor battery into service on Saturday to counter stronger-than-expected rocket fire from Gaza as the military pounded positions in the Palestinian enclave for a fifth day, killing 19 people, medics said. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: Home for disabled hit in Gaza
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – The UN Security Council has called for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, as Palestinian deaths continue to mount.

Egypt: Palestinian Leadership Thanks Egypt for Opening Rafah Crossing
allAfrica.com11 Jul 2014 – [Egypt Online]The Palestinian leadership thanked Egypt yesterday for responding to the Palestinian request of opening the Rafah crossing to allow the access of medical and humanitarian aid and transfer the injured Palestinians to Egyptian hospitals.

Egypt: Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing to Receive Injured Palestinians
allAfrica.com11 Jul 2014 – [Egypt Online]An official source said that Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing to receive the Palestinians who were injured during the Israeli assault on the Gaza strip.

Egypt: Egypt Rejects “Irresponsible” Israeli Escalation in Palestine
allAfrica.com11 Jul 2014 – [Egypt Online]Egypt strongly rejected the “irresponsible” Israeli escalation in occupied Palestinian lands and use of excessive military force, leading to the death of innocent civilians.

Morocco: HM the King Orders Humanitarian Emergency Aid of U.S. 5 Million to Palestinian Population in Gaza
allAfrica.com11 Jul 2014 – [MAP]Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI, chairman of Al Quds Committee, ordered on Thursday an emergency humanitarian assistance, worth USD 5 million, to the Palestinian population in the Gaza strip, which is victim of the ongoing Israeli coward military assaults, a release of the Royal office said.

Iraq PM ‘must apologise in Kurd row’
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari demands that PM Nouri Maliki apologise for saying that the Kurdish region has been harbouring extremists.

Yemen tribesmen attack oil pipeline
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Yemeni tribesmen blow up a major oil pipeline, disrupting supplies from the interior to the Ras Isa export terminal on the Red Sea.

Looking back at Lebanon s 2006 war
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – A man carries the body of a young girl killed in an Israeli bomb attack on Qana, South Lebanon, on July 30, 2006. (Photo: AFP-Nicolas Asfouri) A man carries the body of a young girl killed in an Israeli bomb attack on Qana, South Lebanon, on…

Al-Nusra Front not yet dead as its emir devises Islamic Emirate of the Levant
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – An al-Nusra Front fighter takes up his fighting position in Syria. (Photo:AFP) An al-Nusra Front fighter takes up his fighting position in Syria. (Photo:AFP) It has been revealed that the emir of al-Nusra Front Abu Mohammed al-Joulani is leading efforts, with direct support from Saudi cleric…

Protesters shut down eastern Libya oil port
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – Protesters have shut down the eastern Libyan oil port Brega, state firm National Oil Corp (NOC) said on Saturday, days after the government celebrated the reopening of major ports after almost a year of blockage. NOC spokesman Mohammed al-Harari said the state-run Sirte Oil Co would…

Life of young Syrian refugees in Lebanon marred by insecurity, exploitation, and fear
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – A handout picture released by Caritas Internationalis shows a girl playing with a ball at a Syrian refugee camp on June 18, 2014 in in the Lebanese village of Zahle in the Bekaa valley. (Photo: AFP-Caritas Internationalis/Matthieu Alexandre) A handout picture released by Caritas Internationalis shows…

Egypt police arrest man accused of raping Russian tourist
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – Egyptian police said Saturday they have arrested a driver for raping a Russian tourist in a resort town, as the government cracks down on an epidemic of sexual harassment and violence. Police said the mini-bus driver raped the woman after pretending the vehicle had broken down,…

Three injured in Istanbul gas blast
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – At least three people were injured, one critically, in a gas explosion at a packaging workshop in Istanbul on Saturday, city governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu said. The accident was caused by either a gas leak or an exploding gas canister, he said, ruling out the possibility…

Gaza: Why don t the Palestinians go to bomb shelters?
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – A Palestinian family stand at the balcony of their house as they look at a neighboring building which was targeted in an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 12, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Abed) A Palestinian family stand at the balcony of their house as…

Fifty-two killed as Israel bombs charity, mosques, homes in Gaza’s bloodiest day
Al-Akhbar News 12 Jul 2014 – Palestinian children look at the rubble of a destroyed mosque following an Israeli military strike in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, on July 12, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Thomas Coex) Palestinian children look at the rubble of a destroyed mosque following an…

Isis: A thoroughly modern caliphate
BBC 11 Jul 2014 – Why Isis is waging a thoroughly modern jihad

Photos of the week (July 5-July 11)
Al-Akhbar News 11 Jul 2014 – Brazil’s forward Neymar reacts on the ground after being injured following a foul by Colombia’s defender Juan Camilo Zuniga (L) during the quarter-final football match between Brazil and Colombia at the Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 4, 2014. (Photo:…

Morocco on high alert as jihadis return from Syria, Iraq
Al-Akhbar News 11 Jul 2014 – Morocco has put its security services on high alert after intelligence reports revealed a “serious terror threat” from Islamist militants returning home after fighting in Iraq and Syria, the government said. Hundreds of fighters from Morocco and other Maghreb states like Tunisia and Algeria have joined…


Not just escalation: A frightening new era of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel
Ron Gerlitz, +972 Magazine7/12/2014
Attacks by Jewish hooligans on Arabs, unprecedented incitement by right-wing politicians and clashes between Israeli Police and Arab youth. We ve been here before, but never like this.
This article is written at the height of an extensive, violent escalation in the Jewish-Arab conflict, both within Israel and between Israel and the Palestinians in the territories and the Gaza Strip.
Regarding the events inside Israel, it is important to note the dramatic difference between the events of October 2000 and those of the past week. In October 2000, it was Arab citizens of Israel confronting the police. In contrast, during the past week, Jewish and Arab civilians have faced off and attacked each other. The majority of these incidents involved assault and manifestations of racism by Jewish Israelis against Arab Israelis.
Unfortunately, such attacks are not a new phenomenon, but their scope over the last week is unprecedented. This is not just an escalation it is an entirely new reality. We have never been in a situation in which attacks against Arab civilians occurred daily and all over Israel. The following is a collection of statements I heard from a firsthand source in the last few days: Death to Arabs marches in the streets of Nazareth Illit night after night, gangs of Jewish hooligans roaming the Jerusalem streets and beating Arabs, violent attacks against Arabs on buses, and, in Pardes Hanna, dozens of young people entered a mall screaming Death to Arabs. Furthermore, there have been innumerable incidents of profanity against Arabs.
No one comes out unscathed
I didn t comprehend the scope of this phenomenon from the media, but rather from the fact that every single Arab citizen I have met recently (and I meet many) has told me about an incident that happened to him or to his family….more..e-mail

Cultures of hate … Israelis, not Palestinians, excel at vengeance
Jonathan Cook, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN)7/8/2014
Shock and anger have engulfed Israeli and Palestinian societies since they learnt last week of the barbarous murder of children from their communities. Hours after three Israeli teenagers bodies were located, long after their abduction, a Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped, beaten and burnt to death, apparently as revenge. These horrifying events should serve as a lesson in the obscene futility of vengeance. As a relative of one of the murdered children observed: There is no difference between blood and blood. Sadly, that was not the message implicit in much of last week s coverage. On social media, a juxtaposition of pictures from the same day s New York Times showed how easy it is to forget not only that our blood is the same but that grief is too. A headline about Israelis heartbreak was illustrated movingly by the families of the three Israeli teenagers huddled together, overwhelmed by their loss. A report on the killing of 16-year-old Abu Khdeir, on the other hand, was accompanied by an image of masked youths throwing stones. These contrasting depictions of mourning were entirely misleading. True, Palestinian youngsters have been violently protesting in Jerusalem and communities in Israel since Abu Khdeir was buried. But so have groups of Israeli Jews. They have rampaged through Jerusalem and parts of Israel, calling out Death to the Arabs and attacking anyone who looks Palestinian. Nonetheless, Abraham Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, a US Jewish organisation that claims to fight bigotry, was peddling an equally divisive message. In the Huffington Post he wrote of a Palestinian culture of hatred . According to Foxman, Palestinian and Israeli societies are fundamentally different. Palestinian discontent is fanned and incited into hatred by a widespread, unfettered support for violence against Jews and Israel .more..e-mail

The Atrocity
Uri Avnery, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN)7/11/2014
BOMBS ARE raining on Gaza and rockets on Southern Israel, people are dying and homes are being destroyed.
Again without any purpose. Again with the certainty that after it s all over, everything will essentially be the same as it was before.
But I can hardly hear the sirens which warn of rockets coming towards Tel Aviv. I cannot take my mind off the awful thing that happened in Jerusalem.
IF A gang of neo-Nazis had kidnapped a 16-year old boy in a London Jewish neighborhood in the dark of the night, driven him to Hyde Park, beaten him up, poured gasoline into his mouth, doused him all over and set him on fire what would have happened?
Wouldn’t the UK have exploded in a storm of anger and disgust?
Wouldn’t the Queen have expressed her outrage?
Wouldn’t the Prime Minister have rushed to the home of the bereaved family to apologize on behalf of the entire nation?
Wouldn’t the leadership of the neo-Nazis, their active supporters and brain-washers be indicted and condemned?
Perhaps in the UK. Perhaps in Germany.
Not here.more..e-mail

What Fuels the Violence Against Palestinian and Israeli Youths?
Ruben Rosenberg Colorni, CounterPunch7/8/2014
Ending the Cycle
Three teenagers who belonged to an illegal settler community in the occupied Palestinian lands, and went missing in mid-June, were discovered to have been murdered. As soon as the bodies of 16-year old Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach were found, on June 30, 2014, the Israeli State and its media apparatus expressed their outrage and condemnation. Politicians and journalists alike were quick to blame Hamas for the act, without proof, and they vowed to engage in quick and heavy retribution against the besieged Gaza strip, which Hamas controls.
Although this event has attracted enormous attention from the Israeli and international media, the information surrounding it has been largely erroneous, manipulative, and rife with lies of omission. There has been almost no mention of Israel s 60-year campaign of occupation against the Palestinians, the killing of over 1,400 Palestinian children in the past 14 years by Israel s military forces and illegal settlers, or the 500-700 Palestinian children who are placed under military detention by Israel every year. In the face of such double standards, the greatest concern should be for the voiceless and faceless Palestinians.
As most of the media have focused on the
three Israeli youths, there has been almost no mention of the collective punishment that has been unleashed on the overwhelmingly civilian Palestinian population. The Israeli occupation forces have gone on a rampage that has included: arbitrarily destroying Palestinian homes; burning down two farms and destroying a Mosque; abducting over 600 Palestinians including over 50 children, and bombing the people of Gaza with 34 air strikes in one night.
The attacks by the state appear to have given license to mobs of Israeli settlers to hunt down Palestinian youths….more..e-mail

Gaza: Signposts on the road to liberation
Electronic Intifada: 12 Jul 2014 – The end of this genocidal war must necessarily mean the end of Oslo.more..

Doubt and desire abound in “The Book of Gaza”
Electronic Intifada: 11 Jul 2014 – What is the role of beauty in a place of urgency and occupation, asks new collection of short stories.more..

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!
Electronic Intifada: 12 Jul 2014 – We ask: how many of our lives are dispensable enough until the world takes action? How much of our blood is sufficient?more..

18 from one family killed in Gaza
In Gaza: 12 Jul 2014 – photo from Quds News Network Fifty-two killed as Israel bombs charity, mosques, homes in Gaza s bloodiest day : Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed 52 people Saturday, including two severely handicapped women in a care facility, medics said. The toll made Saturday the bloodiest day yet in the five-day conflict, and hiked the overall toll to 157. The deadliest strike came in the Tuffah district in eastern Gaza City, where 18 people were killed in strikes that hit a home and a mosque, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said. Among at least 50 people injured in the strike was Hamas police chief Tayseer al-Batsh, who was reportedly in critical condition. Elsewhere, three people were killed in Rafah in southern Gaza, and one person in Jabalia, in the north of the coastal enclave. The evening strikes came after defiant fighters in Gaza responded to the relentless Israeli assault by firing…more

An Old Man and a Young Man in Gaza A Poem
Palestine Chronicle: 12 Jul 2014 – By Heathcote William An old man holds a placard that reads, You take my water, burn my olive trees, Destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, Imprison my father, kill my mother, Bombard my country, starve us all, Humiliate us all, but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back. Here are some ungodly chants From the Zionist Book of Psalms Which are used to justify Laying waste to a whole country And to its inhabitants: We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages Destroying all the infrastructure including roads and water Eli Yishai, former Deputy Prime Minister. Amen There should be no electricity in Gaza, No gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. & We need to flatten entire neighborhoods & flatten all of Gaza Israeli journalist Gilad Sharon in the Jerusalem Post. Amen There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down & Kill the Gazans…more

Zionist Lying Unchecked
Palestine Chronicle: 12 Jul 2014 – By Jamal Kanj Scene one: Disappearance of three illegal Jewish settlers in Hebron. Israel closes the West Bank, demolishes homes of supposed kidnappers, nonstop air raids on Gaza, kills two dozen Palestinians and imprisons more than 600 mostly newly released prisoners. Scene two: The kidnapped 15-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khudiar. Israel takes very measured response: No military raids searching for the non-Jewish victim, no checkpoints or closure of Jewish only colonies, no home demolishing and certainly no wholesale arrests. Two perpetrators commit congruous offence, yet two different responses under Israel s Jewish democracy. Going back to scene one. Unpublished news reports indicated that the army knew very early that the missing three illegal settlers were killed. Shots were overheard in a phone call made by one of the settlers and traces of blood were found on the car used in the kidnapping. Meanwhile, military censors imposes a gag order to allow…more

Hamas Media War Targets Israelis and Palestinians
Palestine Chronicle: 12 Jul 2014 – The music video opens with Palestinian Hamas fighters in fatigues building, transporting and then firing rockets at Israel but the triumphant lyrics are being sung in Hebrew, not Arabic. We prepare a generation of warriors who cling to death like the enemy clings to life, the words run, with Arabic subtitles. A (nation) state of weakness and illusion can t hold out during wars, it continues, referring to Israel. They fall apart like spider webs when they meet knights. The five-minute video is part of a slick propaganda program designed by Hamas and its armed al-Qassam Brigades wing. The program is intended both to rally divided domestic Palestinian opinion behind the group during its current conflict with Israel, but also to address the Israeli public directly. The music video, entitled Shake Israel s Security, is a Hebrew remake of a song that the group released in Arabic in 2012, during its…more

Khamenei Remarks Show Both Sides Maneuvre on Enrichment
Dissident Voice: 12 Jul 2014 – IPS Iran s supreme leader Ali Khamenei s comments on the nuclear talks Monday provided an unusual glimpse of diplomatic maneuvering by the U.S.-led coalition of five nuclear powers and Germany on the issue of enrichment capability to be allowed in a comprehensive agreement. But his remarks also suggested that Iran was responding with its own diplomatic maneuvre on the issue. Both sides appear to have put forward demands that they knew were non-starters with the intention of moderating their demands substantially in return for major concessions from the other side. Khamenei described the United States and the P5+1 as demanding initially that Iran s annual enrichment capability be cut to the equivalent of as few as 500 to 1,000 centrifuges as little as 2.6 percent percent of its present level of 19,000 centrifuges.
But he also suggested they were now aiming at getting Iran to accept a capability equivalent to…more

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