Fracking Hell

21 June 2015 — 38 Degrees

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when politicians cave in to dirty energy, here’s the answer:

Watch the video

Next week in Lancashire, councillors will vote on whether to let dirty energy giant Cuadrilla drill for gas. What Cuadrilla want to do is ‘frack’ – drill for gas under our countryside. It’s dirty, dangerous, a disaster for the climate, and it could happen just metres from people’s homes. [1]

This is a straight fight between ordinary people and dirty energy. The local community has fought tooth and nail to get the decision delayed again and again. Cuadrilla, panicking, has thrown huge amounts of money at getting councillors onside. [2] The decision is on a knife edge.

What happens in Lancashire will set the precedent for fracking decisions across England. Watch this video, and decide where you stand:

38 Degrees members stand up for our countryside and our communities. We’ve stopped forest sell-offs and kept a nuclear dump out of the Lake District. Up and down the country, we’ve kept libraries open and saved hospitals. [3] The fight against fracking isn’t so different – it’s still a story of ordinary people defending what’s theirs against all the odds.

The hills, the farms, the coastline of Lancashire belong to our children and our grandchildren, not to politicians or big business. Local people have thrown everything at stopping fracking.

Will you stand with them? Watch this video, and decide for yourself:

Thanks for being involved,

Susannah, Amy, Bex, Maddy, Rachel, Laura and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The video was funded by thousands of 38 Degrees members from all over the UK chipping in fivers and tenners. Everything we do together is funded by all of us, always. If you want to donate to make sure loads of people see it, click here:

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