What’s Good For the Price of Oil……. By S. Artesian

18 September 2019 — The Wolf Report: Non-confidential analysis for the anti-investor

1. Staggering under the weight of its overproduction, capitalism spies in the visage of its recent savior, China, the image of its once and future enemy, China.  Every thing that was the producer of “recovery,” “growth,” “expansion,” — fracked oil, microprocessors, corn, soybeans, smartphones, flat screens, container ships, becomes a relation of relapse, decline, contraction.

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Fracking industry and resigning tsar Natascha Engel hit full media spin cycle on quake rules By Melissa Jones

8 May 2019 — Spinwatch

Fracking industry and resigning tsar Natascha Engel hit full media spin cycle on quake rules

As an exercise in coordinated media spin, it was a tour de force. UK shale gas commissioner Natascha Engel’s resignation last weekend just seven months into a two-year taxpayer-funded appointment had astute industry PR gloves all over it.

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UK: ‘massive victory’ as injunction against anti-shale campaigners ruled ‘unlawful’ By Andy Rowell

8 April 2019 — Spinwatch

Joe Corre at the Court of Appeal, April 2019

Joe Corre at the Court of Appeal, April 2019 Talk Fracking

Yesterday, Britain’s fledgling shale gas industry was dealt another significant blow when three senior judges overturned a draconian injunction that had been granted to the company, INEOS, against anti-fracking campaigners.

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Direct Action and the British State By Craig MURRAY

8 October 2018 — Craig Murray

The draconian sentencing to jail of anti-fracking activists for non-violent direct action has received insufficient attention. It is a confident state that can undertake to bring back a level of repression not seen for decades – eight decades, in fact, since environmental activists received this kind of lengthy jail sentence, despite generations of tree climbing and road blocking.

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The Fracking Industry’s Water Nightmare: Injection Wells Damage Production Wells, Rising Disposal Costs Will Increase Industry Losses

28 September 2018 — Naked Capitalism

[UK take note! WB]

By Justin Mikulka, a freelance writer, audio and video producer living in Trumansburg, NY. Originally published at DeSmog Blog

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has clearly documented the multiple risks — despite repeated dismissals from the oil and gas industry — that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) poses to drinking water supplies. However, the tables may be turning: Water itself now poses a risk to the already failing financial model of the American fracking industry, and that is something the industry won’t be able to ignore.

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Video: A Chilling effect on the right to protest

27 July 2017 — The Canary

Watch the shocking film that shows how low the police will go to protect the interests of big business

A new film released by the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) reveals the lengths to which the police are prepared to go in preventing protest; and how far they are prepared to go to protect the interests of big business over the rights of campaigners. In this case, it is the interests of fracking company Cuadrilla.

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Tell INEOS not to frack the UK!

12 August 2016 — SumOfUs

Petrochemical giant INEOS is planning to flood the UK with fracking wells. And this week we learnt how the government plans to bribe people with cash payments to allow fracking in their community.

Billionaire businessman Jim Ratcliffe left the UK in 2010 to avoid paying taxes. Now he’s back, and he has big plans for the UK — and for his company, INEOS.

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Fracking Industry Dealt Huge Blow by Downgrade of Monterey Shale Formation By Dylan and Jo Murphy

16 June 2014 — Dissident Voice

After years of talking about it, we are finally poised to control our own energy future. – Barack Obama in 2013 State of The Union address.

The myth of American energy independence from fracking has been dealt a huge blow by the downgrade of recoverable oil from the Monterey shale formation. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has slashed its estimate of oil reserves from the Monterey shale formation by a massive 96%.

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Washington‘s Shale Boom Going Bust By William Engdahl

12 May 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

To read the headlines, it seems that the USA has emerged out of the blue to the point of becoming the world’s oil and gas production giant. All thanks to the Shale Revolution. Recently President Obama made various noises that the US could solve the Ukraine gas dependency on Russian gas because of the spectacular growth of extracting natural gas, and more recently, oil, from shale rock formations across the US. There’s only one thing wrong with this picture—“It ain’t gonna happen…”

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Selling Hydraulic Fracking: The Myth Of Energy Independence Used To Hoodwink The American People By Dylan Murphy and Jo Murphy

29 April 2014 — Global Research

”Cheap energy [from oil and gas fracking] is making sure that America now has a manufacturing renaissance,” Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Mayor and President Obama’s former chief of staff told CNBC. Emanuel added. “The biggest revolution equal to the Internet is the energy independence in the United States.”

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Sanctions on Russia’s Energy Sector: Shale Gas ‘Fracking’ Will Invade Europe? By Timothy Alexander Guzman

29 March 2014 — Global Research

Fracking will be “good for our country,” was a statement made by British Prime Minister David Cameron at a recent Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague according to the UK based news agency The Guardian. Cameron believes that the fracking industry will have the public’s support since reliance on Russia’s energy sources will be halted if sanctions are imposed due to the political crisis in the Ukraine. The Obama administration is also proposing a joint US-EU trade deal with its European partners that would reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia’s energy resources. The Guardian reported Cameron’s statement regarding shale gas fracking in Europe:

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