Ecuador Fights For Survival – Against Its Elites By Andre Vltchek

5 July 2015 — Andre Vltchek

To overlook tremendous progress that Ecuador registered under the current administration, would take great determination and discipline.

Free public medical post

New airports, highways, hospitals and culture centers are everywhere, and they are impressive. Cities are counting with wide sidewalks, and public parks are equipped with all sorts of playgrounds for children, some extremely innovative.

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We Interrupt This Referendum, Part 2 By S. Artesian

5 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1. Tearing away, just for the moment, from Thunderdome on the Aegean–“Break a deal; face the wheel”– there’s the island commonwealth, Puerto Rico, part of the United States when that’s convenient and lucrative for the Federal government; and not part of the United States when it’s not convenient.  Like now.  When it has $72 billion in debt that the commonwealth acknowledges cannot be serviced.  Then…then Puerto Rico is a special case.  It reports statistical information to the US Department of Commerce and the Federal Reserve, but it gets its own country page on the World Bank website; and it gets its own statistical database.

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