The Real News Live-Streaming From Athens, Greece

17 July 2015 — The Real News Network

The Real News Live-Streaming From Athens, Greece

Dear Real News Viewers,

Tune in to our site right now to watch an exclusive Greece livestream of a panel featuring TRNN regulars Leo Panitch and Syrian MP Costas Lapavitsas.
This panel is part of three day conference in Athens, Greece called Democracy Uprising.
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medConfidential Bulletin, 17 July 2015: – Are you their guinea-pig?

17 July 2015 — medConfidential

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Are YOU their guinea-pig? 

NHS England has finally allowed the lists of pathfinder practices to be published. We are unsurprised that in one of the Leeds CCGs, only two GP practices have signed up.

medConfidential has been asking since last October for this information to be published, so that people can know if they and their family are to be guinea-pigs for ‘ round 3’. Some patients may also have questions as to why they have been volunteered in this way – so might some GPs – and we hope those supporting this mess have some sensible answers. (The boilerplate from NHS England hasn’t changed much, and isn’t very convincing.)

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Syriza Betrays Greece’s No Vote: Why the Left Should Form a Popular Front Against the EU By Stavros Mavroudeas

17 July 2015 — Greanville Post 

Tsipras and his party have completed betrayed the Greek people and unleashed an unpredictable hurricane.

Tsipras and his party have completely betrayed the Greek people and unleashed an unpredictable hurricane

On the 5th of July 2015 the huge majority of the Greek people (61%) rejected the insolent demands of the EU for the extension and deepening of the austerity and pro-capital restructuring policies in Greece. These demands were codified in the so-called Juncker Plan for Greece that set barbaric terms for the extension of the previous austerity program (the 2nd Economic Adjustment Program for Greece) in exchange for releasing much delayed tranches of the troika loans to Greece.

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