Media Lens: Corbyn And The End Of Time – The ‘Crisis Of Democracy’

4 September 2015 — Media Lens

Corbyn And The End Of Time – The ‘Crisis Of Democracy’

Unsurprisingly perhaps, our search of UK newspapers for the terms ‘Jeremy Corbyn’, ‘Vikings’ and ‘Mayans’ delivered only one result. After all, how could they possibly be linked? Rachel Sylvester explained in The Times on September 1:

‘Just as the Vikings and the Mayans brought about their own extinction by destroying the environment on which their cultures depended…’

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Black Agenda Report 4 September 2015: #BlackLivesMatter Hurts Democrats’ Feelings

4 September 2015 — Black Agenda Report

#BlackLivesMatter Hurts Democrats’ Feelings

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The #BlackLivesMatter organization this week rejected the endorsement of the Democratic National Committee, embarrassing top members of the party. However, the DNC resolution was a perfectly logical outcome of the #BlackLivesMatter strategy to make no substantive demands of presidential candidates.” No demands on power, no threat. Why not endorse?