“The Bride of death?” By William Bowles

13 October 2003

Intro, 26 September 2015: I wrote this thirteen years ago and on rereading it now I think it deserves a fresh airing given as how things have just gone downhill since then with the total demonisation of the Muslim/Arab in the so-called civilised world. And, it must be me that’s changed because I’m even more appalled today by the repellent racism of Kevin Toolis’s muck in the Observer than when I first read it all those years ago.

This is a kind of followup to the piece I wrote the other day “Let the reader be aware” about the way the media repeats lots of small lies to make one Big Lie, predicated on the approach that swallowing a lot of small lies is a lot easier to do than swallowing one Big One.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 20-26 September 2015

26 September 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US Upgrades Nuclear Munitions Deployed in Germany

26.09.2015 | 08:00 | Andrei AKULOV

In 1991, U.S. President George H. W. Bush decided to retire almost all the tactical nuclear weapons operated by the US military. He found the short-range weapons militarily useless and burdensome. Twenty-three years have passed since then and here is the news hitting the radar screen – the United States Air Force is going to station 20 new B61-12 nuclear bombs in Germany…

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