Nasty party’s racist policies damage the NHS By John Lister

17 September 2015 — OurNHS

Nasty party’s racist policies damage the NHS By John Lister

Nurses forced to leave Britain, new charging systems being set up even for emergency care – Tory policies are damaging the NHS, writes John Lister in an article from the latest Keep Our NHS Public newsletter (download here).

The NHS is already suffering as a result of racist changes to the rules governing non-EU staff, even as desperate NHS bosses scour Africa and Asia in the quest for staff to fill growing numbers of vacancies.

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Corbyn can afford to sidestep the media but not their power By Des Freedman

17 September 2015 — OurKingdom

Corbyn needs a strategy to take on the media.

The attacks on the Corbyn camp from parts of the British establishment have come in thick and fast – entirely as expected, given that his overwhelming success was partly predicated on a desire to challenge establishment rule. His resounding victory on the weekend was greeted by headlines arguing that he was a ‘danger to Britain’ (Daily Express), that his union friends were plotting ‘strike chaos’ (Daily Mail and Telegraph), that he was planning to scrap the army (Sun) and that his victory was responsible for dividing the Labour Party (Times).

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Media Lens: Media Activism In A Time Of Hope – An Appeal For Support

17 September 2015 — Media Lens

Media Activism In A Time Of Hope – An Appeal For Support

It is normally impossible for us to regard the leader of a major British or American political party without cringing at their compromised, corporatised, plastic personalities.

We like the fact that Jeremy Corbyn wears uncool shorts and sandals, that he doesn’t look ‘prime ministerial’ or ‘presidential’. We have always reviled Blair’s self-assured, Clintonian head-waggle; Obama’s all-knowing, fatherly smile. We never understood how anyone could be deceived by Thatcher’s sonorous, strident ‘sincerity’.

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