Why the Refugee Crisis? By Stephen Lendman

31 August 2015 — Global Research

Why the Refugee Crisis? By Stephen Lendman


Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers head for safe havens daily – a human flood entering Europe, risking life and limb to get there. Why?

Endless US direct and proxy wars force desperate people to seek safety out of harm’s way. Numbers fleeing war and destabilized areas are greater than any time since WWII – increasing exponentially as conflicts and chaos rage in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Donbass, Somalia, South Sudan, and elsewhere.

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Is Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy socialist? By Chris Marsden

29 August 2015 — WSWS

Is Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy socialist?

The ongoing attack on Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy is hysterical in tone and reactionary in content.

It has united the right-wing media with numerous Labour Party figures. John McTernan, a former advisor to Tony Blair, for example, wrote in the pro-Conservative Daily Telegraph, “A Corbyn-led Labour government would be a disaster for Britain and would rightly be consigned to electoral annihilation.”

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