COLDTYPE Issue 105: MidOctober 2015 – is now on line

13 October 2015 — Coldtype

COLDTYPE Issue 105: Mid-October 2015 – is now on line

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64 PAGES of great writing and photography. 

We’e got two outstanding photo essays for you this month. The first features Syd Shelton’s images from the days of Rock Against Racism, the music industry’s fight against fascism; while the second is a wonderful set of photos by Ian Betley, showing inventive protests at this month’s British Tory Party conference. In addition, we’ve got a great selection of features on subjects as diverse as the Pope, the Black Panthers, suffragettes, Henry Kissinger, right wing media, Russia’s attack on ISIS, a mother’s fear of the future, cop killings, an excerpt from Mike Palecek’s new novel, and a poem from Philip Kraske.

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