Video: Ayanda Mabulu: The Pornography of Power

13 October 2015 — Youtube

Artist Ayanda Mabulu talks about the controversy surrounding his painting after it was removed and then reinstated at the Jo’burg Art Fair.

It is an arresting artwork. The artist, Ayanda Mabulu, is sick and tired. In fact at this juncture, he describes his work as having transcended the artistic sphere and entered the realm of the spiritual. In addition to being sick and tired, Mabulu is agitated and angry. He is not concerned with niceties anymore.

And the subject of his fury? The governing party and the poor quality of life meted out to the black citizenry.

Ayanda Mabulu on the painting, Spear Down My Throat (The Pornography Of Power), as told to Kulani Nkuna.

I have been searching and trying to find ways to define and express how I feel about the political situation in the country. I feel like the country is being turned into a slut, and this young democracy of ours is being molested in many ways and raped continuously. I feel like our leaders have been turned into a lynch clan. We have been robbed out of what’s rightfully ours.
Read the full article HERE…

Ayanda Mabulu

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