New at Black Agenda Report 14 October 2015: #BlackLivesMatter & Hillary Chat, How to Fight, MMM & Millenials, TFA & Disaster Capitalism

14 October 2015 — Black Agenda Report

#BlackLivesMatter: Chat Partners with Hilllary

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The #BlackLivesMatter organization is now part of the 2016 Democratic Party election machinery, assuming its role as a power broker on behalf of Black people. It’s a familiar historical pattern, except for the speed with which the transition has taken place. “The #BLM philosophy is that therapeutic dialogue with members of the power elite is politically more effective than the presentation of core demands.”

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Workers in the United States have learned some painful lessons: that they live on less than their peers in much of Europe and are woefully insecure in their jobs and retirements – if they have jobs and retirement plans, at all. What U.S. workers have not learned – or have forgotten – is how to fight. They can take some tips from the French, who “throw down the gauntlet at any mention of job loss or pay cuts.”

by BAR editor and columnist, Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

They journeyed to the Washington Mall by the hundreds of thousands, as had Black men 20 years before. They were led to believe that an ultimatum had been issued to Power: “Justice or Else.” But, “was the question of ‘Justice or Else’ ever raised or answered by the organizers?”

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

A Georgia prosecutor turned the state’s gang law on a group of Confederate flag-waving white supremacists – the first such use of the statute. But that’s no cause for jubilation. “Its one-time use against racist whites does not change the nature of the law as an instrument of mass Black incarceration.” Rather, it makes the gang statue even more dangerous to Black people.


by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

Unsettling settlers settle settling like sulfur over UN peace talks. Unsettling settlers settle neighborly disputes using police like cavalry and Kit Carson Indian killers going West.

by Drew Franklin

Teach for America is a corporate “Trojan Horse” that has deeply penetrated the #BlackLivesMatter organization. Brittany Packnett and Deray Mckesson represent the TFA’s “long game” to develop “a leadership class of its own” – embedded in the upper ranks of an incipient Black “movement.” #BlackLivesMatter has been fundamentally compromised by the TFA, whose goal is “to dissolve school boards, bust teachers’ unions, and secure public funding for charter schools.”

by Joel Northam

The #BlackLivesMatter organization’s “Campaign Zero” is the “ultimate bastardization of militant resistance” – an absurd catch-all of proposals masquerading as demands. The “campaign’s” authors reveal themselves as “Black petit-bourgeois liberals who legitimately hate the system, but couldn’t garner the fortitude to imagine what they would do without it.”

by Danny Haiphong

Imperialism’s deep general crisis has become acute in Syria, where Russia has checked the U.S.-led proxy war. So profound is the disarray, Republican Donald Trump says “the US should stand down and allow Russia take out the Islamic State, and concedes that “the Middle East would be more stable had the US left Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi alone.” Confusion reigns in the Empire.

by Jay Espy

Dominicans and Haitians are the worst paid workers in the Americas. Both are exploited by the same North American and European capitalists, yet they are divided by issues of skin color. Meanwhile, “Dominicans in the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Spain are treated much like Haitians are treated in the D.R.”

by Dr. T.P. Wilkinson

The only real challenge to the lies of Empire is to confront the Empire, itself. “The unstated premise of Euro-American domination is that the US and its European vassals constitute the highest stage of human and political development to which all other peoples and cultures naturally must aspire.”

by Dale T. McKinley

The African National Congress has morphed from its earlier transition days as a “modern” bourgeois political party designed to consolidate a class-based system of power overlaid with narrow racial interests to an inveterately factionalized, patronage-centered, corrupt, rent seeking and increasingly undemocratic ex-liberation movement.

Atty. Gen. Lynch Backtracks on Killer Cop Stats

Black activists are outraged at Attorney General Loretta Lynch for backing away from her predecessor’s verbal commitment to require local police departments to send reports to Washington when they kill civilians. Former attorney general Eric Holder said failure to keep such data was “unacceptable.” But Lynch called the information “minutia.” “It’s an extraordinary statement,” said Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, the renowned whistleblower and activist with Hands Up Coalition-DC. “I guess she considers it bothersome to demand that these police account for the number of people they kill. Who would think, after only a few months, that we would long for Eric Holder to come back?”

Columbia Students Host “Rise Up October” Rally

Dr. Cornel West, a co-founder of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, challenged Columbia University students to help build a more just society. “Unfortunately, our universities are not sites that generate the cultivation of courage,” said West, who teaches at the nearby Union Theological Seminary. Young people wind up “forgetting what they ought to be faithful to: something called justice.” The rally was a prelude to huge demonstrations planned for New York City, October 22 through 24.

Students cheered Edward “Noche” Diaz, a key organizer in the Network who was been jailed many times in the fight against police lawlessness. “The moment we’re in right now is something I haven’t seen in my lifetime,” said Diaz. “The ones who are called ‘the worst of the worst,’ the ‘thugs,’ the ‘criminals,’ those who are ‘capable of nothing,’ showed us that they are capable of tremendous courage in the face of injustice and tremendous possibility for a whole new world.”

Hillary Runs Away from TPP

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who boosted the Trans Pacific Partnership corporate trade deal countless times when she was Secretary of State, now opposes the treaty. That’s “very significant,” said Kevin Zeese, of Popular Resistance, part of a broad coalition opposed to TPP. “What it shows is the politics of it,” said Zeese. “She knows which way the political wind is blowing. What she found was: TPP stands for Toxic Political Poison.”

TPP is an Anti-China Weapon

The treaty is “really about trying to build an alternative economic framework to marginalize China” and to “more deeply integrate the societies of 11 Asian Pacific nations into that of the United States,” said Joseph Gerson, author of The U.S. ‘Pivot’ to Asia and the Pacific. “At the moment, for example, in Korea more students are interested in studying in China, where they think their future lies, than in the United States,” he said. “This is an effort to reorient them away from China and towards the United States.” Gerson is director of programs for the American Friends Service Committee, New England.


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