New at Black Agenda Report 17 December 2015: Dems & Repubs Block The Vote, Rich Countries Block Climate Action, Nigeria's Military IS Boko Haram

17 December 2015 — Black Agenda Report

How Democrats and Republicans Collude to Block the Vote — And How We Can Un-Block It

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

We hear lots of outrage about how Republicans block the vote. But blocking the vote by keeping third parties off the ballot with unjust laws in more than a dozen states is a project Democrats share with Republicans. Both capitalist parties know you can’t vote against gentrification or mass incarceration or for a peace and justice candidate if no such candidates or parties are allowed on the ballot.

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Media Lens: The New McCarthyism – Keep The War Versus Stop The War

17 December 2015 — Media Lens

The New McCarthyism – Keep The War Versus Stop The War

Media treatment of the term ‘blowback’, the concept that foreign policy has consequences that rebound on its perpetrators, illustrates a fundamental hypocrisy in ‘the mainstream’. It is fine for approved journalists and commentators to use the word when discussing terrorist attacks, actual or feared, here in the West. But abuse and vitriol will be heaped upon the heads of peace activists who dare broach the subject. They are smeared as ‘victim-blaming’.

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