Don’t Spy on Us!

9 March 2016 — Liberty

Despite criticism across the board from campaigners, lawyers, tech experts and three parliamentary committees, the Government continues to rush the massively flawed Investigatory Powers Bill through Parliament.

If passed, the Bill would mean that the UK has the most extreme surveillance laws of any democracy in the world, putting us on a par with the likes of Russia and China.

Liberty is fighting this Bill every step of the way through our own Safe and Sound campaign and as part of the Don’t Spy on Us coalition – a group of influential organisations who defend privacy, free expression and digital rights in the UK and in Europe.

To get this message out loud and clear the Don’t Spy on Us coalition have created a series of adverts and we need your help to get them seen. We want to make the biggest splash possible and make the British public and our MPs understand how extreme this Bill is.

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