COLDTYPE Issue 122 Mid-July 2016 – is now on line

14 July 2016 — Coldtype

THE CHILCOT REPORT: At last, Tony Blair has been called to account for his reckless handling of the build-up that led to the disastrous 2003 war in Iraq. We’ve got 17 pages of insights into the events from George Monbiot, Felicity Arbuthnot, and David Cromwell & David Edwards. Plus a facsimile of the secret “I’m With You” memo Blair wrote to Bush before war was declared. Other stories in this issue include reports on legalised murder in the USA, the disintegration of the Middle East, reasons why new  international trade deals should be rejected, outrageous propaganda in British politics, uplifting photographs of Tibetan exiles, and more . . .

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All 122 issues of ColdType are also available at

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