Selected Articles: Cults of Security and Terror: Fear Ahead of the Rio Olympic Games By Global Research News

28 Jiuy 2016 — Global Research

Olympic-logoCults of Security and Terror: Fear Ahead of the Rio Olympic Games

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, July 28 2016

The Olympics remains a black hole of needless expenditure, sucking services into it with impending and merciless doom. Unused stadia, tracks left to moulder, services supposedly linked to urban renewal turned into dilapidated wonders. That is the Olympic legacy in its lingering aftermath.

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Britain’s Scramble For Africa: The New Colonialism By Colin Todhunter

28 July 2016 — Colin Todhunter

Africa is facing a new and devastating colonial invasion driven by a determination to plunder the natural resources of the continent, especially its strategic energy and mineral resources. That’s the message from a damning new report from War On Want ‘The New Colonialism: Britain’sscramble for Africa’s energy and mineral resources’ that highlights the role of the British government in aiding and abetting the process. 

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COLDTYPE Issue 123 August 2016 – is now on line

28 July 2016 — Coldtype

Download and read it – free of charge at

SPECIAL MID-SUMMER ISSUE: We’ve got a great collection of features this month. Top of the list is Colin Todhunter’s revealing tale of corporate capers as British companies grab Africa’s energy and mineral resources. Then we’ve got Conn Hallinan’s dire warning of impending nuclear misfortune if the US and NATO don’t take a more temperate approach to Russia.

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Housmans Books Newsletter August 2016

28 July 2016 — Housmans Books


1. Cally Road Pop Up Zine Shop


2. ‘The City: London and the Global Power of Finance’ with Tony Norfield
3. ‘An Unreliable Guide to London’ with readers Tim Burrows, Juliet Jacques, Stephen Thompson + editors Gary Budden, Kit Caless
4. ‘Social-Democracy and Anarchism: In the International Workers’ Association, 1864-1877’ with René Berthier
5. ‘Betraying a Generation: How Education is Failing Young People’ with Patrick Ainley
6. ‘The 21st Century Revolution: A Call to Greatness’ with Bruce Nixon
7. ‘The Truth About Trident: Disarming The Nuclear Argument’ with Timmon Wallis
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Statewatch News Online, 28 July 2016 (12/16)

28 July 2016 — Statewatch • e-mail:

You can also access as a pdf  file here:


1.    Council: Exit-Entry, Discrimination, Equal treatment, Maritime Security and Banned exports
2.    Greece: GISTI report on Greek hotspots in Lesbos and Chios after the EU/Turkey deal
3  UK: Growing calls to extend undercover policing inquiry remit beyond England and Wales
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Black Agenda Report for July 27, 2016: Obama Reinforces Police Occupations, Mothers of the Movement, Wikileaks Exposes Dems Corruption

28 July 2016 — Black Agenda Report

New This Week at Black Agenda Report

Obama Prepares to Reinforce the Militarized Police Occupation of Black America

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama is “responsible for the biggest escalation in the history of the one-sided war against Black America. He increased militarization of local police 24-fold before banning some kinds of Pentagon weapons transfers, but is now preparing to send more battlefield weaponry to the streets of our cities. “Clinton or Trump will surely build on Obama’s lethal legacy.”

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DNC Emails Reveal a Corrupt and Unreformable Party and System: Selected Articles

28 July 2016 — Global Research

DemocraticLogo“Get Money out of Politics”: DNC Emails Reveal a Corrupt and Unreformable Party and System

By Gloria La Riva, July 27 2016

Amid a new scandal Debbie Wasserman Schultz was left no alternative but to step down from her role as the Chairwoman to the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, in seeking to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ challenge to Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

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