Turkey’s Failed Coup: “A Gift from God” or from Washington? By Tony Cartalucci

17 July 2016 — Land Destroyer 

The coup this weekend that rocked Turkey was a particularly spectacular geopolitical development. Theories abound regarding who was behind it and their motivations for carrying out what ultimately proved an apparently failed attempt at removing the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Still, it is too early to tell, as facts are far from forthcoming. However, it is possible to discern the most plausible possibilities based on the subsequent actions taken by various potential players who may have been involved in the coup attempt.

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Britain Faces the Biggest Crisis of Democracy in its History By Nafeez Ahmed

17 July 2016 — The Canary

It’s Time To Take Power Back

Welcome to prime minister Theresa May’s new regime: it represents perhaps the most authoritarian, racist and austerity-obsessed government in British history.

Britain is now being run by an unelected leader presiding over a draconian surveillance-state, hell-bent on accelerating war on the poor and vulnerable, at home and abroad. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the official opposition to this regime is falling apart.

The fight to reclaim our democracy must be ramped up. Now.

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