Warsaw Summit: Western Leaders Ignore Reality By The Saker

11 July 2016 — The Saker

So the much advertised NATO summit in Warsaw finally took place.  It was a total success, at least if the criterion is that the outcome matched the expectations:

  • Poroshenko and Nadezhda Savchenko were invited and treated like a respected guest
  • Russia was condemned for her “aggressions” in Georgia, Crimea and the Ukraine
  • The Poles plastered Warsaw with posters saying “ACHTUNG RU??IA”
  • The Balts each got one NATO battalion to deter the Russian Bear
  • Russia was condemned for not abiding by the Minks2 Agreement
  • Enough hot air was released to worsen global warming by at least 10 degrees

Frankly, I don’t feel like commenting on all this idiocy.  Besides, all these pseudo-decisions never were the true purpose of this summit.  This summit had a totally different objective and that objective too was fully achieved.

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No to the Snoopers Charter!

11 July 2016 — Liberty


ICRs (Internet Connection Records) are an expensive and unwarranted invasion on all of our privacy. They’re just one part of the controversial Snoopers’ Charter, which will be debated in the House of Lords, starting today. We want to show Peers just how intrusive these ICRs would be – so we’ve sent a mock ICR on a postcard to every member of the House of Lords. 

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