Secret Plans to cut NHS services across England Exposed

10 August 2016 — 38 Degrees

Jeremy Hunt’s secret plans to cut NHS services across England are taking shape right now. [1] They could mean big changes to the care our local NHS provides – including cuts to hospital beds or reduced A&E services. [2]

It’s just weeks before these plans become a reality. [3] If we want to stand a fighting chance of stopping them, we’ll have to spread this news like wildfire. We can start today, by sharing this 1 minute video that exposes the secret cuts.

William, please will you share the video below with your friends and family on Facebook? If you’re not on Facebook, there’s an email below that you can forward onto them.

24,000 people have already shared the video. Thanks to thousands of us clicking ‘share’, it’s spreading across the internet right now. And it’s just the beginning of our plans to stop these secretive cuts in their tracks.

Together, we’re going to hire a crack team of experts to help make sure each and every plan is out in the open. Then we’re going to make sure the details of the plans are spread far and wide in newspaper adverts, on the radio, and in leaflets landing in mailboxes across the country.

So far, Jeremy Hunt’s kept a tight lid on these plans. We’ve hardly heard about them from politicians or the media. It’s up to us to get these secret cuts on the agenda. And it starts with each and every one of us sharing this video with our family and friends to get the news out.

From our annual flu jab to life-saving chemotherapy, the NHS is there for us through thick and thin. Now it’s up to us to protect it.

Thanks for being involved,

Maggie, Amy, Luke, Laura, Tom and the 38 Degrees team


Here’s an email that you can forward to your family and friends:


Check out this video:

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has a secret plan to force changes to local NHS services, to cut costs. The changes – called “sustainability and transformation plans” – are being kept secret. But they could mean cuts to hospital beds, local walk-in centres or family planning services near you.

Across England, these plans are being drawn up in the next few weeks. Because they’re secret it’s hard to say exactly which services near you are at risk. But the plans for one area have been leaked and show the scale of the threat – they include axing 500 hospital beds and some emergency ambulances. No wonder Jeremy Hunt doesn’t want us to see them!

The best way to stop these cuts is to get them out in the open and demand the public has a say. So please can you sign the petition now, demanding that Jeremy Hunt publishes his plans for local NHS cuts? It only takes 30 seconds to add your name:



[1] These plans are called “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” (STPs). NHS England has split England into 44 areas, and forced each area to create emergency plans to cut costs. It’s Jeremy Hunt and the government who are ultimately responsible for these cuts – they’re not giving the NHS the money it needs. Instead, they’re squeezing the budget so hard there is no option but cuts.
38 Degrees blog: Is our NHS at risk of cuts? NHS England’s “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” explained:
NHS England: Sustainability and Transformation plans:
Huffington Post: Another Major NHS Reorganisation Could Be About to Take Place Behind Closed Doors:
[2] Because the plans are being drafted behind closed doors, it’s difficult to say exactly what the changes will be in every area. But one plan’s been leaked in London, and it calls for cutting critical health services.
Get West London: ‘Dangerous’ plans to axe 500 west London hospital beds slammed by council:
[3] According to the NHS England website, STPs will be submitted in June, with a view to implementation starting in Autumn 2016.
NHS England: Sustainability and Transformation plans:

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