The (not so) Secret Tory Plans to Gut the NHS Exposed

26 August 2016 — 38 Degrees

BREAKING: our people-powered investigation has uncovered Jeremy Hunt’s secret plans for our NHS. [1] So far, these plans – drawn up for every single area across England – have been kept under wraps. That changes today.

Here’s what our investigation found for South East London:

  • By 2021, the health and social care system in South East London is projected to be over £1 billion short of the funds it needs to balance its books while maintaining the same level of care for patients

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Black Agenda Report for August 25, 2016: Clintonite "Conspiracy Theories", Clinton & Colin Powell War Criminals, Katrina & Other Catastrophes

25 August 2016 — Black Agenda Report

Clintonite Conspiracy Theories
Hillary Clinton’s agents warn darkly of “conspiracy theories” that might trip up her presidential bid. What they really fear is the release of more damaging facts in the next round of Wikileaks documents. Therefore, the Clintonites are attempting to “poison the well of public discussion,” preemptively, “in order to immunize Clinton from future factual disclosures.” The real conspirators – to make war on the world – reside in Hillary’s “Big Tent.”

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Media Lens: ‘Propagandising For War’ – Gareth Porter Responds To The BBC Today Programme On Syria

25 August 2016 — Media Lens

A report published by the London School of Economics last month found extreme levels of bias in BBC reporting. The ‘impartial’ BBC’s early evening news was almost five times more likely to depict Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a negative light. In the time period studied (September 1 – November 1, 2015), no headlines on this key news programme presented Corbyn in a positive light.

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Lied to over Link Tax

26 August 2016 — OpenMedia

Documents leaked this morning1 prove that the EU Commission misled the public earlier this week when it tweeted, “The @EU_Commission does not have any plans to tax hyperlinks.”2

You were lied to. We were lied to. The public was lied to.

These out-of-touch unelected bureaucrats think that if they call the link tax something else – like “neighbouring rights”3,4 – they can trick people like you and me, and slip this terrible legislation past us when they think nobody’s watching. Well they’re wrong. Dead wrong.

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