Black Agenda Report for October 26, 2016: Malcolm on Hillary VS Trump, Fighting Ghost Facists Aiding Real Ones, Organizing in the Age of Hillary

26 October 2016 — Black Agenda Report

Malcolm X on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

When astute political commentary from a half century ago eloquently describes the current political conundrum it means we’ve been stuck in a bad place for a long time. Do we really want Malcolm’s observation to apply four or eight or twenty years further into the future?

Fighting Ghost Fascists While Aiding Real Ones

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

An architect of regime-change, coups, no-fly zones, rule of the rich and mass incarceration is about to become Commander-in-Chief, yet the bulk of what passes for the Left is “engaged in a 1930s-style ‘united front’ against a ‘fascism’ that was never a threat in 21st century America.” Donald Trump, the orange menace, didn’t have a chance of becoming president. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is a 21st century fascist and threat to life on Earth.

Freedom Rider: Organizing in the Age of Hillary

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The resistance to a Hillary Clinton presidency has already begun. Activists gathered in Chicago “to strategize the fight against police violence, neoliberalism and imperialism,” all of which promise to be hallmarks of her administration. The Black Misleadership Class plays its usual, toadying role. “The liars who said they would hold Obama’s feet to the fire are repeating their empty words and hoping no one pays attention.”

An African Stampede Out of the International Criminal Court?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The International Criminal Court has a worldwide jurisdiction, but only indicts Africans. Yet, it has taken 14 years for African nations — first Burundi, and now South Africa — to begin quitting this African Jim Crow Court, “a tool of the United States and the former colonial powers.” Other African nations are expected to begin the process of exiting the ICC before the next African Union Summit, in January.

A Materialist Analysis of Why I am Voting Green, and Why the Left Should Do the Same

by Danny Haiphong

Even as the Democrats and Republicans put forward the two least popular politicians in the country, the U.S. Left “is mired in confusion as to what political direction should be taken.” Many of those who claim to be leftists supported the wars against Libya and Syria. But the Green Party has “consistently stood up against endless war, austerity, and racist state repression and for universal healthcare, education, and peace.”

An All-American Slaughter: The Youthful Carnage of America’s Gun Culture

by Gary Younge

“America rationalizes its status as both the most unequal and the most violent industrialized society in the world by dismissing the victims of “gang-related” violence as undeserving of life. “If a shooting was gang related then it’s assumed that the kid had it coming.” But guns make massive death possible. “It seems that the principal reason why gang activity has become so much more deadly is the increasingly easy availability of guns.”

New Layers of Dirt on Charter Schools

by Paul Buchheit

Despite ever mounting evidence to the contrary, corporate media and corporate-bought politicians continue to proclaim the superiority of charter schools. Meanwhile, “nearly 2,500 charter schools closed their doors from 2001 to 2013, leaving over a quarter million kids temporarily without a school.” The New Orleans school privatization experiment has clearly failed, as has Detroit. Yet, the charter myth persists, backed by big money and lies.

29 Years Ago, Thomas Sankara, the African Che Guevara, was Murdered

by Darío Mizrahi

Thomas Sankara was a young communist officer who attempted to take Burkina Faso out of the neocolonial orbit of France, but was murdered by his closest comrades. During Sankara’s short time in power, Burkina Faso became self-sufficient in grains. “He was the first to forbid female genital mutilation, and included women in all realms of public administration.” His killer, Blaise Compaoré, ruled for 27 years, until run out of the country in 2014.

Two Anniversaries: The Congo Invasion and Ingabire’s Arrest

by Ann Garrison

It was 20 years ago this month that Rwanda invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo, setting in motion a genocide that has claimed more than six million lives. Six years ago this month, Rwandan presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire for attempting to remind the world that Hutus were slaughtered by Paul Kagame’s regime, “a crime that every opponent of this government is accused of.”

Preventing Cultural Genocide with the Mother Tongue Policy in Eritrea
by Thomas C. Mountain

Eritrea, a small nation on the African coast of the Red Sea, is home to six million people speaking nine different languages. Despite punishing sanctions imposed by western imperialism, Eritrea has made sure that young people from all nine language groups can read and write in their Mother Tongue, so that their cultures will survive.

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