There Will Be Blood By S. Artesian

14 October 2016 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

After 40 years “coding” for race, attacking social equality with words like “freedom;” after 40 years of presenting liquidation, asset stripping, decertification of unions, assaults on wages, increases in poverty as “entrepreneurship;” after 40 years of torturing language and meaning (along with persons of darker colors) such that the empty-suit empty-headed Reagan becomes a “revolutionary;” such that ketchup becomes a vegetable, war is peace, ignorance is strength, looting is prosperity, destruction is development, abuse is entitlement; after 40 years of continuous and massive attacks on, and bullying of, the vulnerable, the impoverished, the gentle, the darker, and the female, the bourgeoisie have spawned something that embodies all 40 years, and all of them in a single package.

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Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defense’

15 October 2016 — FAIR

To hear US corporate media tell it, the US was dragged into a brand new war on Wednesday

US destroyers in the Gulf of Aden launched airstrikes against Houthi rebels, a Shia insurgent group currently withstanding a massive bombing campaign from a Saudi-led coalition in a year-and-half conflict between largely Shia rebels and the Saudi-backed Sunni government in Yemen. The Pentagon insisted that cruise missiles had been fired onto the USS Mason on Sunday and Wednesday from Houthi-controlled territory, and called the airstrikes a “limited self-defense” response.

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