Is renewable energy really environmentally friendly? By Robin Delobel

30 September 2016 — Climate and Capitalism

Renewable energy sources may have low CO2 emissions at the point of use, but the mines that make the technology possible are often environmentally destructive

“Africa is at the sharp end of the consequences of climate change, despite only being responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, for which developed countries have historically been responsible. The rest of the world must settle this ecological debt to the African continent.”

Surprising though it may seem, these are not the words of an environmental NGO, but rather those of French President François Hollande during the COP 21 climate change conference in Paris.

What is his proposal for reducing the ecological debt to Africa? Certainly not the cancellation of completely illegitimate government debt, nor halting Françafrique (France’s post-colonial approach to Africa) and its pillaging of the continent’s resources. His suggestion – funding for renewable energy – is nothing new.

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Big Papers Want Foreign Companies, Not War Crime Victims, to Sue US

1 October 2016 — FAIR

NYT: The Risks of Suing the Saudis for 9/11The editorial boards of the US’s four most influential newspapers joined President Barack Obama in opposition to the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a bill that makes suing Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 attacks markedly easier:

  • Should We Let 9/11 Victims Sue Saudi Arabia? Not So Fast (Washington Post, 9/15/16)
  • An Obama Veto Worth Backing (Wall Street Journal, 9/20/16)
  • The Risks of Suing the Saudis for 9/11 (New York Times, 9/27/16)
  • Uphold Veto on 9/11 Lawsuits: Our View (USA Today, 9/27/16)

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Unilateral U.S. nuclear pullback in 1991 matched by rapid Soviet cuts

30 September 2016 — National Security Archive

Declassified documents tell inside story of “most spontaneous and dramatic reversal” of the arms race
Bush initiatives took up Gorbachev proposals from years earlier; combined effect produced “real disarmament at lightning speed”

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 561

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