Most Underreported News Stories of 2016, Ban Ki-moon’s ‘Yes Man’ Legacy, Remembering Camus: Selected Articles

3 January 2017 — Global Research

“Repeater Journalism” versus the Biggest Underreported Stories of 2016

By Eresh Omar Jamal, January 04 2017

You have the majority of mainstream journalists worldwide simply ‘repeating the narrative’ portrayed in the powerful quarters of the world media, namely the Western (American) media, and the information they receive from the biggest news agencies (Western mostly), instead of doing their job — ‘questioning what happened’ and ‘investigating how’ it did. When such impervious power rests in the hands of a handful of individuals, you will of course have a select number of stories being regularly reported by the media. And some stories, never. So what were some of those stories worthy of being covered in the news that were not?

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