Housmans Books Newsletter 11 January 2017

11 January 2017 — Housmans


On Thursday 12th January, from 10am onwards, we will be kicking off a huge sale of second-hand and new books, as donated by the writer Tariq Ali and the estate of the artist Janet Hodgson.

Tariq Ali has very generously donated some 1,000 books, featuring many recent publications from Verso Books, as well as a wide range of other political titles, with a particular concentration of works focusing on the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Most of these titles will be on display on the central tables, upstairs in the shop, priced at around £3. Other £1 titles of Tariq’s will be in our £1 basement.

Janet Hodgson was an artist whose work explored the interactions of time, history and language. She was a supporter of Housmans throughout her life, and we thank her family for donating her book collection to us. Janet’s books are primarily on art and art-theory, and will be put out on the central tables downstairs in the Vaults.  Please do have a read of Janet’s obituary, as printed in the Guardianhttps://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/apr/15/janet-hodgson-obituary

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