Housmans Books Newsletter February 2017

31 January 2017 — Housmans

1. Supporting Haven Distribution’s Books to Prisoners work


2. ‘Training for Exploitation’, book launch with the Precarious Workers Brigade
3.‘A People’s History of the Russian Revolution’ with Neil Faulkner
4. Locomotrix presents SEESAW with Serena Braida, Livia Franchini, Gloria Sanders, and Vera Chok
5. Capitalism’s Next Crisis? Michael Roberts on ‘Trumponomics’
6. ‘1956: John Saville, E.P. Thompson and The Reasoner’ with Paul Flewers
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Trump: The CIA’s “Deep State”, “War on Terrorism”, Preparations for World War III?: Selcted Articles

30 January 2017 — Global Research

Donald_Trump 2The CIA’s “Deep State”, Donald Trump and His “War on Terrorism”

By Larry Chin, January 30 2017

The CIA is responsible for orchestrating international terrorism and untold atrocities. How does Trump plan on the CIA “ending” Islamic terrorism when it is the institution he “loves and respects” is the institution that foments and continues to spread this “fear and havoc”?

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Trump’s Neo-Fascism will be Built on Neo-Fascism of Obama and Democrat Party By Ajamu Baraka

3 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

White “radicals” and Black “nationalists” join with corporate Democrats and “latte” liberals” to mouth nonsense about Russians. Clinton Democrats attack Trump from the right — and sweep know-nothings of all stripes along with them. “Collaboration from the left with the new McCarthyism is providing an opening for the isolation and repression of those of us who were going to have to fight no matter who would have been elected.”

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