Neoliberalism and the New World Order, Trump and The Deep State, Israeli Spies in London Exposed

9 February 2017 — Global Research

chossudovsky3Neoliberalism and the New World Order. IMF-World Bank “Reforms”, The Role of Wall Street

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Bonnie Faulkner, February 08 2017

Today we discuss global financial war as outlined in Professor Chossudovsky’s article “Wall Street Behind Brazil Coup D’état,” the role played by the IMF and World Bank in the economies of debtor nations, the Real Plan in Brazil, the imposition of the Washington Consensus, loss of national sovereignty, neoliberal institution funding of grassroots movements, the main corporate actors of the new world order, the function of propaganda, and the process of global impoverishment and the destruction of nation-states.

Trump trou noirDonald J. Trump and The Deep State

By Prof Peter Dale Scott, February 08 2017

When the uninitiated think of the “Deep State,” they tend to imagine a group of men getting together in a room, smoking cigars and plotting world domination. But the Deep State is not one coordinated network of people controlling the government from the shadows. Instead, it refers to individuals and groups that have the resources to shape the direction of the world to their benefit and don’t hesitate to make use of them.

trump_bannonThe US Secretive Government’s “Kill List”: How About NOBODY Should Be “Authorized To Assassinate US Citizens”

By Caitlin Johnstone, February 08 2017

The United States government can and does assassinate people with impunity, including US citizens, and the National Security Council is indeed a fundamental part of its process in doing so. In 2011, US-born citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was executed without trial via US drone strike in Yemen, and two weeks later another drone strike killed his 16 year-old son, also a US citizen. The panel responsible for these decisions conducts itself with total opacity, giving the US public no insight at all into how, when and why the decision to assassinate someone is made, all perfectly legally.

drapeau Quebec islamMassacres of Muslims: In Canada Condemned, In Yemen Condoned

By Christopher Black, February 08 2017

The massacre of Muslims in Canada at a Quebec City mosque on Sunday, January 29, raises a number of questions about what happened but also raises deep questions of morality and justice since the massacre of Muslims in Canada is rightly condemned but another massacre of Muslims, in Yemen, is shamefully and criminally condoned. In one situation, a suspect faces trial for murder and is condemned by public opinion, while in the other the guilty are treated as heroes and will receive medals. Let’s deal with the Canadian situation first.

Masot3As Netanyahu and Theresa May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

By Craig Murray, February 08 2017

Masot was working as an intelligence officer, acquiring and financing “agents of influence”. It is simply impossible that the FCO would normally grant seventeen technical and administrative visas to support sixteen diplomats, when six of the sixteen are already support staff. The only possible explanation, confirmed absolutely by Masot’s behaviour, is that the FCO has knowingly connived at settling a large nest of Israeli spies in London.

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