ICH Headlines 27 April 2017

27 April 2017 — Information Clearing House

New Spin of North Korea-Syria ‘Axis of Evil’ Points to US War

By Finian Cunningham

Demonize, dehumanize, destroy. That’s the logic being throttled by the Trump administration toward both North Korea and Syria.

Trump: The Madder He Gets, The More Seriously The World Takes Him

By Robert Fisk

Now we await the battle for Korea, forgetting that earlier war which drowned the peninsula in blood.

From Korea To Abu Ghraib – War, Bio-Weapons, Torture And Back

By Moon Of Alabama

Considering the historical record of the United States of committing and covering up warcrimes, North Korea should stick to their nuclear and missile

NYT’s ‘North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media

By Adam Johnson

Once again, the essential antecedents of war are being established based on anonymous “experts” and “officials,”

Why Is There So Little Protest Against Recent Threats of Nuclear War?

By Lawrence Wittner

People read about the situation in newspapers or watch it on the television news, while comedians joke about the madness of it all.

Donald Trump’s North Korea Briefing Was a Political Stunt

By Matthew Rozsa

“It felt more like a dog and pony show to me than anything else”.

Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State

By Paul Craig Roberts

A look at the propaganda wars waged by Israel and its supporters to win the hearts and minds of the American people.

Palestinian and Jewish Voices Must Challenge Israel’s Past Together

By Ramzy Baroud

The Israeli leader assigned scholars to the task of fashioning an alternative history that continues to permeate Israeli thinking to this day.

Occupation Of The American Mind


A look at the propaganda wars waged by Israel and its supporters to win the hearts and minds of the American people.

The Iron Jaws of the Police State: Trump’s America Is a Constitution-Free Zone

By John W. Whitehead

Despite the corruption of Congress and the complicity of the courts, nowhere does the Constitution require absolute subservience to the government’s dictates.

The Looting Machine Called Capitalism

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans are the least exceptional people in human history. Americans have no rights at all.

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