Syria: Trump’s First Step Towards World War III?, Australia Wants War With China

12 April 2017 — Global Research

The Trump /Syria Conundrum: Will Trump Deliver Deep State’s World War?

By , April 12 2017

In appearance, Trump’s April 6, 2017 missile attack on Syria is the first step towards a regime change, a massive regional conquest, and possibly World War III. The event marked a point of no return for Trump’s presidency. We have entered uncharted territory, with the future of humanity at stake. Continue reading

Black Agenda Report for 12 April 2017

12 April 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Remembering South African Struggle Hero Chris Hani: Lessons for Today

By Arianna Lissoni

South African communist leader Chris Hani was assassinated by white racists 27 years ago, removing him from the scene during the nation’s transition to Black rule. Hani fought careerism and corruption in the revolutionary movement. Today, the “tradition of internal debate” that Hani promoted “has become eroded, and criticism keeps being silenced as sowing disunity.” Continue reading

Media: Out of 46 Major Editorials on Trump’s Syria Strikes, Only One Opposed

11 April 2017 — FAIR

Headlines of Syria airstrike editorialsOf the top 100 US newspapers, 47 ran editorials on President Donald Trump’s Syria airstrikes last week: 39 in favor, seven ambiguous and only one opposed to the military attack.

In other words, 83 percent of editorials on the Syria attack supported Trump’s bombing, 15 percent took an ambivalent position and 2 percent said the attack shouldn’t have happened. Polls showed the US public being much more split: Gallup (4/7–8/17) and ABC/Washington Post (4/7–9/17) each had 51 percent supporting the airstrikes and 40 percent opposed, while CBS (4/7–9/17) found 57 percent in favor and 36 percent opposed.

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North Korea: ‘The Only Sensible Path at This Point is Dialogue’

12 April 2017 — FAIR

Janine Jackson interviewed Hyun Lee about North Korea for the April 7, 2017, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

Hyun Lee

Hyun Lee: “Every country has a sovereign right to test its weapons capability. That’s how you know if it works or not, and that’s precisely what North Korea is doing.”

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Media Lens: Trump’s Tomahawks – The Instant Certainty Of The ‘Mainstream’ Press

12 April 2017 — Media Lens

As ever, it didn’t take long for them to make up their minds. Roy Greenslade reports in the Guardian on the media reaction to Donald Trump’s bombardment of Syria in ‘retaliation’ (USA Today) for the alleged chemical weapons attacks on Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, Syria:

‘There was an identifiable theme in almost every leading article and commentary: “Well done Donald, but … ” The “buts” amounted to eloquent judgments on the president’s character, conveying explicit messages of disquiet and distrust.’

In other words, almost every leading article and commentary in every UK newspaper supported Trump’s blitz. Continue reading

Selected Articles: Syria Chemical Weapons Saga

12 April 2017 — Global Research

Articles below are among the most-read on the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria.

The Gassing Game in Syria: Regime Change and Beyond

By , April 11, 2017

US-Russia ties are not the only issue adversely impacted by the US’s 7th April bombardment. If the US escalates its military involvement, it will have far-reaching consequences for the on-going conflict in Syria, politics in WANA and global peace in general. Continue reading