COLDTYPE Issue 139 May 2017 – is now on line

27 April 2017 — Coldtype

Coldtype may2017

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ROGUE STATES – Okay, let’s start with a question. Which state is the most likely to drag the world into nuclear war? No, it’s not Russia, not Iran, not Syria, not even North Korea. The correct answer, according to Paul Martin, David Edwards & David Cromwell, Darius Shahtahmasebi and William J. Astore, the authors of this issue’s cover stories, is Donald Trump and his itchy-fingered US generals. In other top stories Jonathan Cook looks at Israel’s celebration of 50 years of ethnic cleansing, Karen Evans-Reece shows how the tobacco industry wrote the book on fake news, Chellis Glendinning examines the march to fascism, and CJ Hopkins looks at the American security state. We’ve also got photo features on survivors of gun violence and London’s march for science, and much more great reading in our new Insights section. 

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