Selected Articles: “Color Revolution”, Regime Change and Terrorism

3 July 2017 — Global Research

Featured image: Muhajideen fighters in 1984. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Chaos is everywhere – it can be in a form of civil disorder that springs from domestic concerns/causes while it can also be a pretext for a “fabricated civil war” or “regime change” which incites external response under the cloak of “humanitarian intervention”. Is chaos really a prelude to achieving genuine peace? Read our selected articles below.

A phenomenon of humanitarian intervention has been one of the most contentious topics in international law, political science, and moral philosophy. Nonetheless, by reviewing the evolution of the concept, it can be concluded that the motives for humanitarian intervention are morally and legally intolerable, acting as a force of liberal imperialism. Furthermore, history illustrates that humanitarian intervention is a part of a wider process employed by power states as a strategy to expend their political and economic influence. (Petar Djolic)

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“Color Revolution” Comes Home? Are Americans Also the Victims of “Regime Change”?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, July 03, 2017

Have the people of the United States been the victims of regime change operations at home? Have the wealthiest and the security state created a government that serves them, rather than the people? To answer these questions, we begin by examining how regime change works and then look at whether those ingredients are being used domestically.

Once Only Blacks Were Enslaved, Now We All Are

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 03, 2017

Not a word will be said about Washington’s 16 years of purely gratuitous war in the Middle East and North Africa that has destroyed in whole or part seven countries, sending millions of war refugees to overrun the Western World and change the quality of life for Western peoples.

Humanitarian Interventions: The Doctrine of Imperialism

By Petar Djolic, July 03, 2017

From the very beginnings of the world system as it is recognized today, some 500 years ago, ideologies that justify Western power on the grounds that it is based on natural law and universal values were developed and espoused by Euro-American leaders.

US Won’t Leave Syria After The Islamic State (ISIS) Is Defeated, Says Commander of US Forces in Syria, Iraq

             By Russia Insider, July 03, 2017

The three-star US general in command of American forces in Syria and Iraq says the US will leave Syria as soon as ISIS is defeated, but not really. Actually, they will stick around, because after the ISIS state is defeated there will still be ISIS guerrillas to deal with.

Big Lies Incorporated

By Mark Taliano, July 03, 2017

The Fake Left embraces taboos. False flags are “conspiracy theories” so they could never happen at home or abroad. NGO’s are credible sources and not fronts for intelligence agencies, nor do they receive government funding according to the Parallel Left. The White Helmets must be legitimate since they won an Oscar, and Hollywood never lies.

What is July 4th to US Imperialism? What is it to the Oppressed?

By Danny Haiphong, July 03, 2017

“The Declaration of Independence implicitly legalized the enslavement of Black people and the genocide of Native people within the context of the developing American capitalist nation-state.”

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Truth in media is a powerful instrument.

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