Video: Abby Martin: Dictatorship or Democracy in Venezuela?

19 July 2017 — teleSUR English

On July 30th, Venezuelans will elect a people’s body called the “Constituent Assembly” comprised of hundreds of representatives across the country with the power to redraft the constitution.

U.S. politicians, press and opposition in Venezuela are calling the process a “coup” that should be boycotted by all.

Abby Martin addresses the criticisms with Head of the Presidential Commission to oversee the Constituent Assembly process, Elias Jaua, speaks to supporters and participants of the Assembly, interviews historian Chris Gilbert and explains what is at stake in Venezuela if the social programs instated under Chavez are terminated by the opposition.

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Monsanto/Bayer: #mergerfromhell

20 July 2017 — SumOfUs

Bayer and Monsanto just filed their merger for approval — and European regulators could approve it in less than three weeks.

With your help we can convince European regulators to stop this merger. But they need to hear from you directly.

Can you send an email to the European Commissioner for Competition, Margarete Vestager and ask her to stop this merger from hell?

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Media Lens: Mass Media Siege: Comparing Coverage Of Mosul and Aleppo

17 July 2017 — Media Lens

When Russian and Syrian forces were bombarding ‘rebel’-held East Aleppo last year, newspapers and television screens were full of anguished reporting about the plight of civilians killed, injured, trapped, traumatised or desperately fleeing. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, both Official Enemies, were denounced and demonised, in accordance with the usual propaganda script. One piece in the Evening Standard described Assad as a ‘monster’ and a Boris Johnson column in the Telegraph referred to both Putin and Assad as ‘the Devil’.

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