COLDTYPE Special Issue (143) July 2017 – is now on line

6 July 2017 — Coldtype

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SPECIAL ISSUE – Favourite Stories from The ColdType Archive.  We take a break from reporting  on the  current crises facing the world this issue and, instead, take readers on a 20-year trek back into the ColdType archive, back to the days we published as a tabloid newspaper devoted to “Writing Worth Reading From Around The World.” Our features include stories about missing children in England, bungee jumping in the USA, street life in India, a road trip in Namibia, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, genocide in Rwanda, flying batons at the Illinois State Fair, and a children’s home in Cuba. Not forgetting the hunt for a woman with four breasts in New York City. Writers include Andrew O’Hagan, John Gray, Rian Malan, David Foster Wallace, Denis Beckett, Mark Fritz, Bob Whitby and Ed Cassavoy. Plus we have an award-winning photo-essay by Russell Monk with words by Brendan Howley

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All 143 issues of ColdType are also available at

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