ICH Headlines 13 July 2017

13 July 2017 — Information Clearing House

Syria Summary – Will The Trump-Putin Agreement Hold?

By Moon Of Alabama

The U.S. effort to impose itself on the area is doomed.

Tucker Carlson vs Neocon About Syria

Must Watch Video

Ralph Peters suggested Tucker was like a Nazi sympathizer for wondering whether Russia and the US should work together.

Mosul Families Complain Overuse of Airstrikes Killed Thousands

By Patrick Cockburn

“There were very few Daesh [Isis fighters] in our neighbourhood, “We reckon that the airstrikes here killed between 600 and 1,000 people.”

Israel’s Sadistic Reprisals Help Shore Up A Sense Of Victimhood

By Jonathan Cook

The west has indulged Israel’s wallowing in victimhood.

Russia ‘Collusion’ Smoking Gun?

By Finian Cunningham

This is the proof, we are told, that the Trump election team did indeed collude with the Russian government.

Throwing a Curveball at ‘Intelligence Community Consensus’ on Russia

By Scott Ritter

“I heard it was 17 agencies [that reached consensus on the Russian NIA]…it turned out to be three or four. It wasn’t 17.”

Who Is Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya?

By Aaron Kesel

Who is Natalia Veselnitskaya and why was she seated at a committee hearing on Russia and the Ukraine?

Russian Oligarch Hired Lawyer Who Met Donald Trump Jr

By Alana Goodman

He paid company behind dirty dossier – then settled $230million money laundering case for just $6million

Progressive Democrats: Resist and Submit, Retreat and Surrender

By James Petras

Progressives turned from preaching peaceful co-existence to demanding a dozen wars.

Why Can’t the US Left Get Venezuela Right?

By Shamus Cooke

As Venezuela’s fascist-minded oligarchy conspires with U.S. to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro, few in the U.S. seem to care.

Fighting the Wrong Enemy: Why Americans Hate Muslims

By Ramzy Baroud

Staying silent is not an option. It is a form of defeatism.

The U.S. Police State’s Answer to Free Speech Is Brute Force

By John W. Whitehead

Forget everything you’ve ever been taught about free speech in America. It’s all a lie.