ICH Headlines 27 July 2017 Mosul: ‘We Killed Everyone – Men, Women, Children’

27 July 2017 — Information Clearing House

Mosul’s Bloodbath: ‘We Killed Everyone – IS, Men, Women, Children’

By MEE Contributor

A cat steals across a ruined street with a piece of fresh meat hanging from its jaws. It is inevitably human.

“Beauty of Our Weapons” in the War on Yemen

By George Capaccio

O Lord our God, help us to remain silent in the face of so much suffering.

Trump Faces Down the CIA and Co-Opts the Pentagon on Syria

By Glen Ford

Which makes him less dangerous to the human species than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In Case You Missed It

Hasan Nasrallah: Trump Must Be Thanked For His Stupidity


We should thank Trump for revealing the true face of the racist, cruel, criminal and murderous U.S. government.

Empire of Whiners

By Pepe Escobar

If this is the best US military “intelligence” can come up with, Russia and China might as well grab a gin and tonic and relax by the pool.

The Myth of American Exceptionalism

By Melvin Goodman

Putin’s intervention in Syria was designed to make sure that the U.S. history of regime change didn’t included Syria.

A Ray of Hope

By Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s extraordinary arrogance and hubris has resulted in overreach.

Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped

Must Watch – Video

You may not like everything Donald Trump does, but will you let the CIA and GCHQ remove him from office?

Making America Great, Again?

By Kim Petersen

When was America great?

Watch; Wasserman Schultz Scandal Is Media’s Russian Dream

Tucker Carlson – Video

Scandal surrounding an IT staffer for former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, arrested while trying to leave the country.

Philippine: Western Media is Distorting Reality, People and Army Unite to Battle “ISIS”

By Andre Vltchek

The West is regularly using ‘jihad,’to destabilize socialist, anti-imperialist, countries and governments.

The German People Cannot Ignore the Crimes Committed by Israel?

By William Hanna

The German People Cannot Repeat Their Claim of “Not Having Known About What Was Happening”.

NYT, Reuters, Economist Journalists Self-censor Reports From Israel

By Philip Weiss

If you write the truth of what you see in Israel and the West Bank, you will be savagely targeted.

Newly Declassified Memos Detail Improper Obama-era NSA Spying

By John Solomon

“Americans should be alarmed that the NSA is vacuuming up their emails and phone calls without a warrant”

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