Conspiracies Pushed by Atlantic’s Editor Excluded From Atlantic’s Denunciation of Conspiracy Theories

10 August 2017 — FAIR

Atlantic: How America Lost Its Mind

The Atlantic‘s depiction of wacky things Americans believe in. Not shown: Iraqi WMDs.

Which “conspiracy theories” the media decide to care about and which they don’t is largely a function of who is advancing those conspiracy theories, and whose interests they serve. The Atlantic (9/17) published a 12,000-word cover story by Kurt Andersen on the history of conspiracies and “crazy” ideas. In exploring how “America lost its mind,” Andersen let everyone in corporate media off the hook, saving most of his ire for obscure hippies, rednecks and postmodern academics.

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Selected Articles: Who is the Greatest Threat to World Peace?

10 August 2017 — Global Research

In the headlines recently: Trump threatening North Korea of ‘fire and fury’ vis-a-vis the latter’s most recent successful addition to its nuclear artillery, and Trump signing of the economic sanctions bill against Russia, Iran and North Korea. US aggression goes on in, inter alia, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen… Who is indeed the greatest threat to peace? Read our selected articles below.

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“War of Words” Between US and North Korea Could Lead to Nuclear War

By Stephen Lendman, August 09, 2017

Tough sanctions and hostile rhetoric bring things closer to confrontation, threatening possible nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. Continue reading