Freedom of expression under threat – Act Now!

1 August 2017 — OpenMedia

Right now, the right to freely express our thoughts and political views online is under serious threat.

The Trump administration has recently pushed forward deeply worrying new rules for people applying for U.S. visas. Now, some people are being asked to provide every social media handle they used over the past five years – enabling government bureaucrats to scour through everything they’ve posted on those accounts.1

There’s no indication of what sorts of posts would lead to an applicant being denied a visa, and no effective checks on the decisions made. Essentially, government bureaucrats now have arbitrary power to determine who gets a visa, based on their subjective interpretation of an individual’s social media postings.

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Will Sanctions against Russia Lead to War? Selected Articles

31 July 2017 — Global Research

The Kremlin has responded to the US Congress’ newly passed bill sanctions against Russia.

What happened to the 2-hour talk between President Putin and President Trump at the G20 Summit? Read our selections below.

“Tensions between Russia and the US have reached a level not seen since the height of the Cold War”. 

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Venezuela “Regime Change”: Will Washington Unseat President Maduro? Selected Articles

30 July 2017 — Global Research

Much has been said about the civil unrest in Venezuela which is spearheaded by the US-engineered opposition groups plotted to impose a ‘regime change’ and oust the incumbent president. Who compose these opposition groups and how strong are they to unseat a democratically elected leader? Read our selected articles below.

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Russia in Ukraine: enemy or friend? By Eric Walberg

29 July 2017 — Eric Walberg

So is Putin a Stalin or a Khrushchev?

Putin is either an aggressive schemer, to be opposed and vilified at all costs, or a wise, restrained real-politician, balanced irreconcilable forces next door. Which is it?

The 2014 coup in Ukraine succeeded due to the fierce campaign led by neo-fascists, heirs to the Banderistas of 1940–50s, now lauded as freedom fighters, but seen at the time as terrorists, murdering Ukrainians and Jews, and sabotaging a Ukraine in shambles after the war. They had almost zero support then, having collaborated with the Nazis to kill tens of thousands, but their hero, Stepan, was honoured with a statue in 2011, erected by the godfather of the current anti-Russian coupmakers, the (disastrous) former President Viktor Yushchenko. Ukraine’s Soviet war veterans were outraged and the statue was torn down in 2013, just months before the coup, bringing the Bandera-lovers back to power.

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