Information tribunal dismisses Drone Wars appeal over British drone secrecy By Chris Cole

17 August 2017 — Drone Wars

An information tribunal has upheld the MoD’s decision to refuse to release the number of British armed drones deployed against ISIS and their location, despite such information being released by the UK about its ‘manned’ aircraft.

In the just released open judgement (a closed judgement has also been produced but will not been made available to us), the tribunal accepted that there was clear public interest in the information Drone Wars sought as both parliament and the public could then ascertain if the UK’s armed drones were being used outside of Iraq and Syria, or if some were in storage due to personnel shortages. However the tribunal accepted the MoD’s argument that the public interest arguments in favour of disclosure were outweighed by the public interest in favour of non-disclosure as the information would “likely” impact on the effectiveness of UK armed forces.

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Media: Centrist Pundits Paved Way for Trump’s ‘Alt-Left’ False Equivalence

16 August 2017 — FAIR

Vanity Fair: Why the Alt-Left Is a Problem, TooThe alt-right and alt-left “caterwaul some of the same tunes in different keys,” writes Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott (3/3/17).

President Donald Trump sparked outrage Tuesday afternoon after he equated Nazis and counter-protesters in Charlottesville. To do so, he referred to the anti-racist activists as the “alt-left,” with the implication that they were the equivalent of the “alt-right,” two sides to the same coin, showing there was, in his words, evil “on both sides.”

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Anarchy in Charlottesville, Where Is the President? Selected Articles

16 August 2017 — Global Research

Why Were the Police Held Back in Charlottesville?

By Scott Greer, August 16, 2017

When police were ordered to disperse the alt-right rally, that act directed the white nationalists into the antifa demonstrators, leading to further street brawls. Police didn’t seem to try to get in between the two groups or suppress the fights. Continue reading