Monsanto Shill Fired by Forbes By Dr. Mercola

15 August 2017 — Dr Mercola

monsanto shill

Story at-a-glance

  • A common corporate tactic is to hire “third-party experts” to bring the industry’s message to the public, cloaked as independent opinion or expertise
  • Henry Miller has been repeatedly outed as a shill for the chemical technology industry. Forbes has now fired him for publishing material under his own name that turned out to be ghostwritten by Monsanto
  • Internal emails reveal Monsanto pressured a journal editor to retract a damning animal study showing Roundup and genetically engineered corn caused cancer and early death

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US Military Madness and Global Warfare Selected Articles

14 August 2017 — Global Research

Kim vs. Trump, “Behavior” vs. “Misbehavior”, Who are the Lunatics? Bringing a Peaceful End to Conflict on the Korean Peninsula

By Kim Petersen, August 14, 2017

North Korea has an estimated 10 to 60 nukes, although there is still some doubt expressed about North Korean ICBMs being capable of reaching the continental US, of carrying a nuclear payload, or being capable of atmospheric reentry. As for the US, it has 1800 nukes, in Trump’s parlance, “locked and loaded. Continue reading