Geography 101: “Get Trump an Atlas”. Trump Wants to Bomb North Korea With Nuclear Weapons. Where is the Target Country? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

10 August 2017 — Global Research

A War on North Korea Will Inevitably Engulf South Korea and the entire Northeast Asian Region

George W, Bush was known for his total ignorance of geography. “Dubya the Geographer: Someone Buy This Man an Atlas” appears in, Dubya Speaks, We Record the Damage.  

Fast forward to 2017: What about Donald Trump who has his thumb on the nuclear button. What is his knowledge of geography. Continue reading

Black Agenda Report 9 August 2017

9 August 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Every US President Makes Unilateral Nuclear Threats. It’s an American Tradition.

Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Every US president since Harry Truman has menaced humanity with unilateral nuclear destruction. When Trump balls up his little fists and bleats about raining death and destruction he’s following in the footsteps of the last dozen presidents. He’s making America great again. And again. Continue reading