Golfing with Trump: Powerful Elite Can Literally Play for Access

7 September 2017 — Global Research

British Air and Drone Strikes in Iraq and Syria. UK Reaper Drone Ops

By Chris Cole, September 07, 2017

According to the figures, UK armed air missions in Syria rose by 480% in the first half of 2017 compared with the previous six months.

Tipperary’s White Helmets Peace Prize: A Judas Kiss to the Antiwar Movement and Syria

By Patrick Henningsen, September 07, 2017

Far from saving lives in Syria, flying around between the US and Europe and collecting awards seems to be all that this group is doing. Last October, the White Helmets were also tipped to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, but apparently committee members backtracked at the last minute, instead giving the award to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

Golfing with Trump: Analysis Reveals Powerful Elite Can Literally Play for Access

By Andrea Germanos, September 07, 2017

A new USA TODAY investigation reveals that top executives, lobbyists, and contractors are buying access to President Donald Trump through memberships at the president’s numerous golf clubs, adding further concerns about the administration’s ethical conflicts.

Gold Trade Between Russia and China – A Step Closer Towards De-Dollarization?

By Peter Koenig and Sputnik, September 07, 2017

Both, the China – Russia economic cooperation and trade agreements, as well as their currencies being covered by gold is part of a larger already fairly advanced scheme of de-dollarization of their economies. In other words, Russia and China as well as the entire Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), are rapidly moving out of the US dollar hegemony.

Unending War in Syria? Hezbollah Won, But Israel Won’t Stop Supporting ISIS-Daesh

By Andrew Korybko, September 07, 2017

Looking forward, it can be expected that Hezbollah will continue to play an ever-growing role in the Mideast, having already become indispensable to Lebanon’s stability and now increasingly to Syria’s own. In response to the dismal failings of their military-terrorist proxy war against the group, Hezbollah’s enemies might attempt to win Russia’s support for their plans in exchange for diplomatic-geopolitical concessions, hoping that Moscow could in turn lean on Iran to compel it to downscale Tehran’s support for Hezbollah in a post-war Syria.

The Role of NATO’s New Intelligence Headquarters. Espionage and “Humanitarian” Secret Operations

By Manlio Dinucci, September 07, 2017

The Nato Centre for Intelligence benefits from collaboration with universities (such as University College London), think tanks (Overseas Development Institute), UN organizations (including UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration) and non-governmental organizations (including Oxfam and Save the Children). Such organizations, as well as being used as the “humanitarian” face of the Nsd-S Hub, risk, through agents that have infiltrated them, being implicated in espionage and other secret operations led by the Nato Intelligence Centre in Middle Eastern and African countries.

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