Media: While US, North Korea Both Make Threats, Only One Has Killed Millions of the Other's People

27 September 2017 — FAIR

Atlantic: North Korea Keeps Up Its Provocations

The Atlantic (9/14/17) warned that North Korea could ” put the entire United States in its nuclear crosshairs.”

For the consumer of US corporate media, the idea of a nuclear armed North Korea is a terrifying threat. Almost every day for the last two weeks, print and television media have amped up the potential danger of a devastating military strike from the isolated peninsular nation.

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Manifesto Club newsletter – Busybodies’ Charter – A Three-Year Review

27 September 2017 — Manifesto Club

Three-year review of PSPOs; Richmond’s ban on picking up pebbles; A campaigner’s guide to LGA guidance; Privacy of the home under threat, and more…


A new Manifesto Club report gives a scary account of three years of Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) powers. We found that 189 new PSPOs have been passed in the past 16 months, meaning that nearly half of all UK authorities now have an order in place. These include: Sunderland’s ban on ‘bin raking’; Southampton’s ban on ‘loitering for the purpose of begging’; Bassetlaw’s ban on under-16s standing in groups of 3 or more; and Rushcliffe’s ban on sleeping in the open air. See the report here. The report was covered in media including The Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Press Association, Metro, and local media. See full media here. CAMPAIGNING LATEST:

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Kurdistan Referendum: “Ethnic Cleansing” or Total Independence? Selected Articles

26 September 2017 — Global Research

The Myth of the Kurds in Syria YPG’s Moral Excellence

By Stephen Gowans, September 26, 2017

Kurdish forces are not only “retaking” Christian and Muslim Arab towns in Syria, but are doing the same in the Nineveh province of Iraq—areas “which were never Kurdish in the first place. Kurds now regard Qamishleh, and Hassakeh province in Syria as part of ‘Kurdistan’, although they represent a minority in many of these areas.”

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Corporate Media Analysts Indifference to US Journalists Facing 70 Years in Prison

26 September 2017 — FAIR

For over two years, many in corporate media have been trumpeting the looming threat to a free press posed by Donald Trump. “Would President Trump Kill Freedom of the Press?” Slate (3/14/16) wondered in the midst of the primaries; after the election, the New York Times (1/13/17) warned of “Donald Trump’s Dangerous Attacks on the Press,” and the Atlantic (2/20/17) declared it “ A Dangerous Time for the Press and the Presidency.”

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