A group of Tory MPs are trying to push through a law to make everyone pay for NHS treatment

8 September 2017 — The Canary

A group of Conservative MPs is using the opening of parliament to try and push through a law to make everyone pay for NHS treatment. The proposed bill, which is already at its second stage in the House of Commons, is part of a handful of draft regulations that right-wing backbenchers would like to see as law.

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Fighting Fire: The Grenfell Tower Story

7 September 2017 — Institute of Race Relations

Written by Colin Prescod and Daniel Renwick 

The Grenfell Tower inferno throws up all the contradictions between community self-help and resistance and an uncaring state. 

Fire this time

Memorial to the Grenfell victims (Credit: Colin Prescod)

Memorial to the Grenfell victims (Credit: Colin Prescod)

These walls bear witness. ‘Justice’, ‘pity the poor’, ‘fuck the local authority’s Tenants Management Organisation’s, gentrification serving, class-cleansing deception’, they shout. And poignantly, still faintly echoing down the years, from half a century ago, they say, disturbingly, ‘Keep Britain White’.

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Oppose the Great Repeal Bill!

7 September 2017 — 38 Degrees

Theresa May wants new powers, so she can change UK laws behind closed doors after Brexit. [1] It’d mean swapping murky backroom deals in Brussels for more of the same in Westminster.

Tomorrow her plan will be debated by our MPs for the first time. [2] Some of Theresa May’s own MPs are already speaking out. [3] They’re saying what 38 Degrees-ers have been saying for some time: law changes that effect all of us have to be made the proper way, with debates and votes in Parliament.
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