Trump Visits Texas

30 August 2017 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

President Donald J. Trump visited the areas of Texas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and announced his absolutely fabulous recovery and prevention plan.   Said Trump:

We will build a wall, a wall so high you can’t get over it; a wall so wide you can’t get around it; a wall so deep you can’t get under it. 

We will build this high, wide, and deep wall out of coal,  putting thousands of miners back to work.  

We will build this high, wide, and deep wall out of coal to protect our borders. And……we’ll make the Gulf of Mexico pay for it.  

It will be beautiful, believe me.

August 30, 2017

Despite international condemnation, our ‘special friend’ continues to bomb civilians in fearful, hungry and cholera-ridden Yemen

4 September 2017 — Drone Warfare

On 6th August the Real Progressive Front reported that Saudi Arabia and its allies, neglecting all reports and admonitions, have killed 9 family members, including 4 children, at home by ‘haphazard’ coalition airstrikes. Reports indicate that the strikes targeted a residential zone and videos taken at the scene show people dragging out the corpses from the rubble of houses. Continue reading

BRICS: Weakening US Hegemony, Reshaping the Global Economy?

3 September 2017 — Global Research

In light of the ninth BRICS summit which will be held in Xiamen, China on September 4 and 5, Global Research brings to your attention some articles on the framework and roadmap of the BRICS partnership. 

Will the US empire break the on-going strategic relations between the concerned countries? Or will the BRICS partnership weaken US hegemony and lead the world into a peaceful economic development?

Read our selected articles below.

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