How Corporate Lobbyists Dominate Meetings with UK and EU Brexit Negotiators By True Publica

6 September 2017 — Global Research

The far-reaching Brexit agreement that will govern the UK’s exit from the European Union is not only being shaped at the negotiating table, but also by the lobbyists who are trying to influence each side’s position papers and red lines.

New analysis of official statistics on lobby meetings with ministers from the UK’s Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and members of the EU’s Brexit Task Force reveals a common willingness to privilege the representatives of corporate interests above all others: Continue reading

A Short History of Glyphosate

6 September 2017 — Sustainable Pulse

A Short History of Glyphosate 

The Detox Project and Sustainable Pulse has created and published Wednesday the first ‘Short History of Glyphosate’, which identifies some important dates during the scandalous history of the World’s most used herbicide. 1961: Glyphosate was patented in the U.S. as a Descaling and Chelating Agent by the Stauffer Chemical Co. Due to its strong metal […] The post A Short History of Glyphosate appeared first on Sustainable Pulse.

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